10 March 2014

Lake Garda in the Summer

Let me be frank. It costs 2,000 Euro or so. And it takes up June 30 until July 11 of your life. Twelve days taken out of your three-score years and ten!

But nearly a fortnight in the North Italian Lakes in early summer? And the Vetus Ordo on offer daily? And two top-quality lectures a day? And fine food? Cocktails and lake trips and excursions? Something ... well, something to do?

Or, if you can't come, but want to do some good, could you provide a bursary for a priest or a seminarian to enjoy the experience?

Er   .....   or both?

Oops ... I should have declared a personal interest: I shall be there myself; I shall giving Conferences (Deo volente). But there are plenty of bars around if you want to skip the Fr H bits.

This is the 22nd Roman Forum Summer Symposium; this year it is about what has happened to Catholicism in the last hundred years. Which is ...yup, you think about it ... quite a lot? Yes?

It is co-ordinated by an American academic, Dr John Rao, who spoke memorably at a recent LMS conference in England.

Join him or help him? Please?


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P├ętrus said...

I have wanted to attend this event for some time now Father. I am sure you will find it very rewarding.