28 February 2014

February 28, eight o'clock

A year since the end of the most significant pontificate since that of S Pius X. God bless the Pope Emeritus for what he did to build up the broken places and to gather the scattered into Unity. God bless him for his quiet humility; for his courage; for his remarkable learning. I do not think we shall see his like again.

And God bless his successor for his recent words about the duty of bishops to live among their people according to the abiding authority of Trent. Please God, he will go on to encourage bishops to pare down their curiae to the bone; to be each the Man of his own Church and not a delegate of an episcopal conference and its bureaucracy. Please God he will look back to the equally abiding authority of earlier councils and ban translations from see to see. And will reverse the dreadful, corrupt, decision of B John XXIII that non-episcopal Curial Cardinals should as a matter of course be raised to unreal episcopacy. Despite all the tedious woffle about Vatican II as the Council which "balanced" the Papacy by putting the Episcopate into its proper place, that Council seems, in reality, to have increased the corruption of an already quite sufficiently corrupt institution.

Incidentally, splendid news about the re-emergence of members of that fine team from Maryvale, where it appears they were unappreciated, to found their new Institute at Buckfast, for the New Evangelisation. Floreant.

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Pastor in Monte said...

Amen to every word.

Except that I consider Benedict XVI greater than St Pius X, in that it was Pius who began the process of interfering in the liturgy on his own authority, and Benedict who questioned that.