16 February 2014

Blessed Clemens Augustus, Count von Galen

I wonder if any readers know how the process is advancing for the Canonisation of Blessed Clement. And, indeed, how widespread his cultus is.

Liberal elites throw up their hands in horror at the old-style, 'hard', in-your-face, Nazism, while themselves (as demonstrated recently in Belgium) being fervent apostles for the new, caring, 'soft', let-me-give-you-a-cuddle, Nazism. Ich klage an.


Konstantin said...

Thank you Father for mentioning the greatest German of the 20th century on your blog.

May he intercede for you and for poor Ol' Germany which doesn't care neither about him nor Our Lord.

Joshua said...

I found the following prayer - originally for his beatification, now achieved, but just as suitable to pray for his canonisation:

O God, Thou didst select Thy faithful servant Clemens August to be a priest and appoint him Bishop of Münster in a time of great trouble. Thou gavest him the strength valiantly to defend Thy honour, the faith of the Church and the right to life of defenceless men and women, and himself to be a shining example of steadfastness in the faith. Humbly we beg Thee: give Thy servant a part in Thy glory and grant us the grace that we may soon be permitted to revere him publicly as a saint in heaven, so that we may praise Thee for the sake of his service. And grant to all who call to Thee in reliance on his intercession salvation in soul and body through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Would it not be sadly appropriate nowadays to invoke Bl Clemens Augustus for the defence of the children of Belgium?

Titus said...

I acquired a holy card, I remember not where, with a prayer for his canonization a few years back here in the Southern U.S. of A. It might have been in the back of a church, or given to me by one of the ladies running part of our diocese's marriage-prep program. That, sadly, is all the information I have.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

There still is devotion to him in Muenster, but I haven't heard whether another potential miracle is being looked into. Perhaps my biography, due to appear next year from Saint Benedict Press, will stir up interest among English-speakers.
Fr Daniel Utrecht