10 June 2010


I fear I shall not be able to reply to all the emails I have received, and hope that my friends will accept this Thank You for their kindness, prayers, and unmerited compliments. My email address and postal address should be the same until the end of June.


Father Sam said...

Fr John,

Remember Pope John Paul II's oft spoken words of encouragement "Do not be afraid". Perhaps he is praying that will will live up to that now.

with prayers


eulogos said...

Fr. Hunwicke,
Or "In nothing let your heart be troubled."

I know, easy to say. But look Who said it.

Susan Peterson

Barbara said...

I would love to know who is behind this "deferment" of your ordination. I am a Roman Catholic involved in the movement to restore the traditional sacred liturgy and I've not found anything in your blog posts that is a problem or contrary to Church teaching. In fact, your comments on Universae Ecclesiae were very informative.

I will pray that your ordination will happen soon and to the advantage of the Church.

tempus putationis said...

Dear Father John,
Hold tight, ride the storm. God is in charge.

josephmchardy said...

Please be assured of my prayers, and my continuing respect.

Священник села said...

Dear Father -

I would appreciate access or visiting rights to any future writing, commentary, scholarship, and op-eds that you pen, or rather type and post or distribute. The days seem less sunny, the mornings more irritating, the coffee less delicious without you.

Maureen Lash said...

It should have been "quo in vase".

Fr William said...

It is a bold person who presumes to correct Fr H on his Latin. Vasum, 2nd decl., is a well-attested alternate form to vas, vasis, 3rd decl.

Colombiere said...

Dear Father John,

I have enjoyed your blog immensely over the past many months since first discovering it. I am praying daily at the Holy Sacrifice that all difficulties and misunderstandings may be swiftly overcome, so that you may hear your call to Holy Orders renewed and joyfuly ascend the Altar steps. In the meantime, may the "Adsum" that you now repeat in communion with Peter draw you ever closer to the Heart of Jesus.

Father John Horgan, Vancouver BC, Canada

Victor said...

Not being a man of many words, I just want to express my sympathy and promise my prayers. Your essays have always been illuminating, and I hope for many more to come.

Victor from Germany

Donald said...

Dear Father,

Please know that we continue in prayer for you! Let us hear from you.


Dorothy B said...

Dear Father Hunwicke, please be assured of continued thoughts, prayers and very best wishes. I hope there are signs of progress on your unexpectedly winding road.

FootmanUK said...

Every day I look at this column in the hope that it has resumed. Fr Hunwicke, I miss your words of wisdom, your erudition (which does occasionally go over my head!), and your humour.

I hope we'll hear from you soon and I'll keep you in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

One word comes to mind : banana.

Who's in charge of the ordinariate and this debacle? Looks like a Mickey Mouse operation to ol' Bill here. Is anyone taking credit for this situation or is it just "them?"

Anonymous said...

Yawn! Here goes low life 'Canon' Toby Forward, alias Poppy Tupper, again. His humble origins were at the root of the problems he encountered in Liverpool, poor fellow. He has never recovered from them.

eulogos said...

Since this blog was the problem, to someone, someone, whoever someone is, reads it. Let us not besmirch Fr. Hunwicke's name by association with low squabbling and insults, such as the former two comments by "Bill" and "John." I put in the names in case the comments are deleted, as they deserve.
Susan Peterson