16 June 2010


Does anyone know of a supplier in the UK of sweetish white Altar Wine guranteed in accordance with Canon Law?


Anonymous said...

Vanpoulles Amber Altar wine might to the trick.

Anonymous said...

The Charles Ferris Church Supply in the UK...has various types of Sacramental Wine, including several Amber or Golden wines.

John F H H said...

Hayes & Finch do a Muscat.
John U.K.

Chris said...

I cannot help but feel that white wine loses somewhat of the significance.

"The plasma of our Lord Jesus Christ..."

John Whitehead said...

I believe Pusey House used to use, and may indeed still use, Tesco's own brand dessert wine.

Jonathan said...

Plasma Chris? Isn't that just the point - that those of us who believe that the chalice contains the blood of Christ don't need it to look as if contains physical cospuscles.

Those who think that the holy mysteries are merely symbolic need the visual approximation of red wine, just as as child's doll approximates to a real baby.

I have found the use of white wine to be a very good starting point for teaching. Transubstantian has to be one of the least understood doctrines, and is frequently ridiculed out of ignorance.

Giles Pinnock said...

Tesco and Sainsbury both do Muscats which serve the purpose well.

I quite agree with 'Jonathan' re white wine as an interesting catechetical point, and I think Aquinas would probably agree.