18 June 2010


Off this morning on Home Communions; to a very jolly clergy-widow. When the obama won its election, she bought his book ... the one I think, with that noble, visionary, face on the dust-cover. Now, she assured me as we chatted over coffee, she has sent it off in the recycling box to be pulped. "Quite right, Molly", said I. "It's the only sort of language people like that understand".


Scott said...

Um, "people like that"?

Mr. C said...

I don't think that reference is worth muckraking for insinuation.
If you've noticed lately, the various factions on the political left in the States seem mortified over the reality that post-deification, their favorite son differs from the late mayor of Chicago in only one way, Daley Sr. was not totally inept at governance.
"People like that" more likely was meant to imply "empty suits with attitudes and opinions" and their sycophant operatives.
Or folks who'll line up to drink the KoolAide.

Martial Artist said...


I think you have, most probably, captured the sense of the phrase used by Fr. Hunwicke. Although he may have intended it to mean "demagogues who are empty suits….

Pax et bonum,
Keith Töpfer

Scott said...

Wasn't "muckraking for insinuation," just wanting to hear who was meant. And now I'll bow out of the inevitable political combox hairpull, thanks. I visit this blog for more thoughtful stuff.

Little Black Sambo said...

Disingenuous, Mr Scott.