6 June 2010

A great Day

June 6 is my wife's Birthday; and the anniversary of the Wedding last year of our younger Son, James Edward, and Anjalee. Gracious me, how splendid she looked as she walked up Chichester Cathedral! O diem laetum, notandumque mihi candidissimo calculo! Nunc est bibendum! ... and lots more bits from Pliny and Flaccus.

For those of you who are celebrating Corpus Christi today, a passage, for the Eve before that Feast, from Gueranger: The dawn of our Feast is upon us. Turning towards the East, the Church knows, through the twilight, that her Spouse is preparing to visit her. She is all joy at this hour, when the king of day is about to shine on our earth; she has her solemn Office of Lauds, full of gladness and praise, as its name indicates; and in this Office, she invites earth, and sea, and firmament, to sing canticles which are worthy of our Jesus, who is the true Sun, for he is rising upon us, and, as the Psalmist tells us (Psalm 18:6), is himself rejoicing, as a giant, to come to the Altar of Sacrifice.

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