13 June 2010


As numbers of those visiting this blog continue to slump (in the last seven months, by an average of a thousand a month), so that in under two years we shall be in minus numbers, I have decided to abandon any attempt to inform or to please; and simply to frivol.


1. Read the following; suggest the author; and indicate a portion of the Anglican Liturgical Patrimony upon which it throws light.
There are three who give witness that Christ is Truth: the spirit, the Blood, and the Water, since after he sent forth the Spirit from the fount of his chest, contrary to Nature there flowed the felix unda of Baptism, and the Blood of Redemption, by which the one work of salvation is consecrated, that the body and soul and spirit might be preserved whole unto life in Christ. So nobody doubts that our flesh is also restored (reparetur) by this unto life; since the entire Man is redeemed. Flesh is fed by flesh spiritually since the Word was made flesh; the soul however is restored by the Blood of Christ. So every soul, as Scripture witnesses, is in the blood, so that, as it has a seat in the body and through [the blood] itself (as they say) gives life to the body, thence [the soul] also might have eternal life from Christ abiding in it.


Doodler said...

.....and I thought it always was frivolity!

Theological Ramblings said...

I am one of your avid readers. Quality not quanity is the issue, as well a spreserving yoir thoights for posterity.

Theological Ramblings said...

Apologies for the typos in my previous comment. Problem is I have lost all the markings on my keyboard and therefore am prone to typong errors.

Chris said...

indicate a portion of the Anglican Liturgical Patrimony upon which it throws light.

"That our sinful bodies may be made clean by his Body, and our souls washed through his most precious Blood."

JamesIII said...


I am an avid daily reader. It is said that many are called to the banquet but somtimes few attend.

Chin up! You are an inspiration to us and our faith.

Anonymous said...

"There are three who give witness that Christ is Truth: the spirit, the Blood, and the Water..."

I would guess Bl. JM Neale to be the author (but then, I always guess him). Anglican Catholics at there best have as there Patrimoial lux a prodigiously peripatetic propensity for poetic Scriptural proliferousness. Hence, our abiding love for Benedict XVI.

BTW, I really like the new pic; but is the maniple absent according to rubric or was it burned years ago according to l'esprit du temps?

You might lose the blogging dandies, Father, but as Ezra Pound declared:

"I mate with my free kind upon the crags;
the hidden recesses
Have heard the echo of my heels,
in the cool light,
in the darkness."

Father W.J.S.Martin said...

For certain it is neither Benedict XVI nor Von B. Too strangley baroque for that. And, of course, it is not one of our Anglican Divines. Must be GMH. He was "unique" enough to produce such "theology". Hmmm.I shall stick with Lancelot Andrewes.

William said...

Visitor numbers are still 50% up on this time last year. In common with other blogs with similar or overlapping interests, there was a huge "spike" (no pun intended) last November or late October – I wonder what that can have been related to??

davidforster said...

I'm no Anglican, but this does remind me of the BCP formula for holy communion which, from memory, is: "The body/blood of our Lord Jesus Christ which was given/shed for thee preserve thy body and soul unto everlasting life."

The Roman form mentions preserving the soul; the Anglican - following Sarum, I presume - adds the body.

P.S. Reference the picture: Do you not wear the biretta when preaching?

neowagnerite said...

Dear Father--- Although I reside in Her Majesty's rebellious North American Colonies, I read your blog daily and it has given me much spiritual and intellectual nourishment.

C. Crume+

Chris said...

Fr LR - there is a custom, acceptable but not mandated, whereby the maniple is removed to preach.

Unknown said...

Father, you personify Anglican patrimony. You are solidly orthodox but with Anglican wit and wisdom.

Deacon Down Under said...

From the Antipodes Father, I assure you I am a regular reader.

Rev'd. David Gould
Annunciation of Our Lady Anglican Catholic Mission
Hobart Tasmania


Fr Terry said...

Suggested author Thomas Becon.He twice quotes Ambrose (Ambosiaster) and Aquinas for the View that the Body is given for the salvation of the body and the Blood for the soul ,as said in the Prayer of Humble Access. See the appendix to Bowden's Further Studies in the Prayer-Book for refences to Anselm and others.

Pastor in Monte said...

Well, it's Paschasius (aka Radbertus), I think, and I presume you are referring to the Patrimonial custom of Communion in both kinds.