27 April 2010

Foreign Office sophistication

I've been mulling over sick or childish funnies which the FCO could propose in their enormously witty planning of State and Official visits by foreign Heads of State or of Government. Obama, for example: give him a video game about crashing airliners into sky-scrapers. Sarkozy: a banquet starting with Frogs' legs and with Beef Wellington for the main course. Merkel: Prince Harry goose-stepping up and down in his SS uniform. Netanyahu: something immensely hilarious about Auschwitz. The Saudi King: the stoning of some promiscuous Z-list celebrity. Chinamen: cabaret turns by the Duke of Edinburgh. Etc. etc.. If one has enough empathy to think oneself into the sniggering mind-set of drearily gamma minus adolescents with too much time on their over-paid hands, the possibilities are endless.

Should I apply for a Consultancy at the Foreign Office?


AncientBriton said...

From the latest revelations I would think you are the least 'qualified' Father.

Unknown said...

No, not enough 'blue-sky' thinking, Father. Gawd, I hate these new-fangled terms!

Col. Hugo Thrumpington-Mange said...

Come on Padre we can do better than that! For Obama it's got to be a theatre visit to see a reconstruction of the "Black and White Minstrel Show"!!

johnf said...

As usual, you cheer me up Father - and Col Hugo. The B&W minstrel show? I love it!

PS Now why is the word verification 'palin'? Another joke of yours, Father?

Sir Watkin said...

You might like to note that the full text of the memo has now been published on Ruth Gledhill's blog:


It would seem to indicate that this was part of a serious exercise, even if, conceivably, some of the participants in the "brainstorming" thought they were being witty.