27 April 2010

Honestly ...

I read that the Eerie bishop, Donald Trautmann (who is NOT part of the Anglican Patrimony) has categorically stated that Vatican II mandated vernacular Liturgy. This would be not so much a gross misrepresentation of the facts as a thumping great lie.

I don't know about you, but I can honestly say (I am half Cretan) that I never tell a lie unless it can be prudently foreseen that there is a better than evens chance of getting away with it. But no way can Troutie, if in his right mind, have believed he had a snowball's chance in Hell of getting away with that Porkie. This is not the Middle Ages. Many of the laity can read.

I can only conclude that, appalled at the apparent collapse of his life's work in the year before his retirement, poor old Fischpersonn has fallen lock, stock, and barrel into the hands of the goat-footed god. This just has to be good news for Honest Folk, nicht wahr?


In an idle moment while contemplating my diary, I calculated that, of the last 14 Masses I have said, 11 were Latin EF. It's facts like this that convince me that the Anglican Patrimony has a great deal to offer the RCC. Don't believe mischief-makers who tell you that all English Anglican Catholics enthusiastically use the Novus Ordo.


nodjam said...

The dear Bishop Trautrmann seems to think that the average Catholic lay person cannot be trusted to understand a faithful translation. This elitist attitude is an insult and represents a dumbing down so prevelant in the public education system today.
Thankfully his attitude did not prevail.

Anonymous said...

Yea and Ay-men, Father! Ding-Dong the Fisch is dead. Which old Fisch? The wicked Fisch! Ding-Dong the wicked Fisch is dead...though I'm afraid that English Anglican Catholics who enthusiastically use the Nuvo Ordo are going to feel it biting them from behind once they realize there are better ways to offer the great Sacrifice. They have dug their own graves by establishing their own (very strange) local customs.

GOR said...

Well +Trautmann has such a dim view of the intellectual capacity of "John and Mary Catholic" that I suspect he believed he could get away with this.

Which leads me to believe that the good bishop spends too much time in his episcopal aerie...

Michael McDonough said...

I don't know whether experts like the Fishop of Erie, or that loathsome liturgist-terrorist, Fr. "Just-call-me" Jan in Seattle, recently outed at WDTPRS, or his partner in crime at the Seattle Cathedral, with his "What if we just say, wait'" campaign, are more or less than Cretans themselves. What is clear is that they are ensconced in positions of relative power, whence they continue to dictate to the unsuspecting their elucubrations about Catholic praxis and liturgy.

I think they labor under the mis-perception that they represent "real change" in the Catholic Church (they may, but not in the sense they intend), and that the ramparts they have won, are permanently won. In fact, they are a Maginot Line. They are unfazed and unaffected by "Roman documents" and presumably by Greek documents, as well, such as Symbols. They will go down on their swords, as "loyal Catholics", their witness assured. God have mercy on their souls! The blogosphere will have none for their reputations.

Much like Dr. Bonkers, they are essentially bigots. Their beliefs are closely-held, personal truisms, and they defend them, not against those with strong counter-arguments, but against those who offer no opposition at all: The Choir!

P.S. "Word verification" is presumably going through a list of the dwarves -- mine at the moment is "bolin".