16 April 2010

The Cross again

Very sharp-eyed users of 'Novus' Liturgy in Latin will have noticed from today's Mass that the collect previously offered for today, which was the very collect I referred to in my recent post on commemorating the Cross in Eastertide (April 12), has been replaced in the Third Edition of the Missal by another. I wonder why. (I presume the next edition of the Liturgia Horarum will bring it into line.)

After many hours of agonising, I cut this Gordian Knot by saying an EF Mass of the Five Wounds*. It's the Patrimony; so to remember our first Anglican Catholic Martyrs, the villagers of England who marched beneath its banner, slaughtered by Edward Tudor's armies of mercenaries in 1549.


* Videlicet the Mass Humiliavit, with a couple of phrases added from the Sarum Missal.

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