22 April 2010

This poor old gentleman

How very bizarre, at a time when, arguably, we are suffering from the unwholesome results of systematic failures among members of the episcopate, that Hans Kueng should issue a rousing summons to the episcopate to take over the Church from the Pope. What planet does this poor old gentleman live on?

More entertainingly, he appears to see ecclesial significance in the 'fact' that he and Professor Ratzinger are the only survivors of Vatican II, and to be summoning Vatican III by virtue of his status as The Alternative.

An antipope? A sedevacantist? Whatever he is, the Anglican Patrimony cries ad ignes.


GOR said...

In September 2005, five months after his election, Pope Benedict invited Hans Kung to Castelgandolfo for a friendly chat - demonstrating a pastoral concern for his old friend and former colleague. Obviously the Holy Father’s kindness was lost on Kung and he repays him with this diatribe. Kung joins a long list of dissident Catholic theologians who seem to believe they know more than the Pope or even God. Names such as Charles Curran, Richard McBrien, Leonardo Boff, Eugene Kennedy, Dan Maguire et al. come to mind.

At the time of Vat II both Fr. Hans Kung and the then Fr. Joseph Ratzinger were advisors – periti – to the bishops. I recall that at that time both were viewed with some suspicion as being of a somewhat dangerous liberal bent by certain professors at the Gregorian University. But what different paths each has taken! The Holy Father acknowledged that his thought and perspective developed over time. But Kung has never gotten past the 60s and Vat II. To me the defining difference between them is humility. Pope Benedict has it. Hans Kung doesn’t.

The Flying Dutchman said...

I tried to read Father Küng's piece in the Irish Times, but had to give up about half-way through, so riddled was it with errors and misunderstandings.

The Flying Dutchman said...

Indeed, it seems to me that Father Küng is not just someone who does not understand (which is bad), but someone who does not want to understand (which is worse).

Julio said...

Here is George Weigel's open letter to the arch-dissident:


While I am no fan of Weigel, it is great that someone took the time to refute calumnies against the Holy Father.

johnf said...

There's something about Kung that reminds me of the Dork, not in appearance of course but in the level of rant