23 February 2010

Utraquism once more

Calendars continue to trouble me in this little utraquist church iuxta ferriviam Oxoniensium. I know that PCED has said we have to use the EF calendar with the EF and the OF calendar withthe OF. So this morning I included in my EF Mass commem and Last Gospel of the Vigil of S Matthias. But tomorrow, when the Mass is OF (in our own S Thomas's version of the OF in Cranmer's English and with unreformed ritual), I shall not be keeping S Matthias.

Perhaps I should in clarification add that I follow the St Lawrence Press ORDO.

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dk pintar said...

i enjoy your "notes" very much. But.........don't you follow your own ordo? (which i have a copy of for reference; i'm a liberal RC)