22 February 2010

Anglicanorum coetibus in Springtime

A lovely spring day, yesterday, with everybody cheerfully confident that the crocuses in the Churchyard presage Spring. Today, snow again. I was reminded of a passage in some sermon or other of one or other of the Tractarians - more learned readers will have no difficulty identifying homilist and context.

"Could we be surprised if the winter even now should not be quite over? Have we any right to take it strange, if, in this English land, the springtime of the Church should turn out to be an English spring, an uncertain, anxious time of hope and fear and joy and suffering - of bright promise and budding hopes, yet withal, of keen blasts, and cold showers, and sudden storms?"

Pusey House
Exposition until 12 and then 2.30-4.00 (Solemn Evensong and Benediction).
The Oxford Oratory Holy Hour 8-9.

Pray for for more sun and less snow during this Third Spring. You know it makes sense.


AndrewWS said...

News fresh from the keyboard of Damien Thompson: we can now become "Friends of the Ordinariate"


motuproprio said...

You leave too many clues Father anyway, but surely that passage is too well known to cause any perplexity. Let us indeed look forward with Newman to a Third Spring, whatever faltering starts there may be.