25 February 2010

Iocositas Episcopalis. Forged passports

(1) I don't know why there is all this glee about a German Protestant Bishopess having a noggin or two. Leave the poor thing alone, that's what I say. How is it funny?

Now the little episode of Tom Butler "Bishop of Southwark", the Irish Embassy party, the toys in the car, and the episcopal amnesia ... that had real style and quality to it. You get a better class of buffoon among Mirfield apostates.

(2) This matter of Mossad cloning British, Irish and French passports in their perfectly spiffing Dubai murder plot ... why didn't they forge US passports? Surely there are many more American passport-holders domiciled in Israel than there are Old Europeans? Will Hammas keep the fun going by cloning Yankie passports in a plot to assassinate a "war criminal" or two in Israel? Fingers crossed.

Thank goodness there are still some people around in the world who don't take this boring old Rule-of-Law business too seriously.


GOR said...

Well as to the Bishopess, Father, the glee apparently is derived from the fact that the alleged ‘cleric’ had in the past preached against drunkenness and a “gotcha” moment (as we say here in the former colonies…) is the cause for the unseemly mirth. Of course if the same standards were applied to the Catholic clergy, especially those of the Irish persuasion (we’re all drunks, y’know…), we might not see the humor in it. But those of the Teutonic persuasion are not always known for their sense of humor, so we may give them a pass for this foray into reality.

As to the Mossad and ersatz passports, surely this is not new? But was it really the Mossad responsible for this ‘elimination’…? Having just read Gordon Thomas’s “Gideon’s Spies”, one wonders if we are not again being subject to controlled disinformation...?

Scenario #1 – The Mossad really did this and are quite willing to have the fact known as a warning to others.

Scenario #2 – Opposing elements in Hamas did it, but made it look like the Mossad did it - to distract from their involvement.

Scenario #3 – The CIA did it and made it look like the work of Mossad, to get back at Mossad for past offences.

Scenario #4 – MI6 did it but would never admit it as it would not be good form - not giving a “sporting chance” and all that.

And so on. The possibilities are virtually endless…

Unknown said...

I've always preferred "bishopette" to "bishopess", or does that mean she has to be little?

johnf said...

This reminds me Father of the tale told me by an RN Commander who related with some glee the time when his ship visited Malta and threw a cocktail party for the great and the good.

A good time was had by all, and the evening ended with the Navy carrying the Bishop of Malta ashore...

AndrewWS said...

The Teutonic joy over the resignation of "Bishop" Margot Kaessmann is attributable not to any pietistic disapproval of alcohol (although the point is frequently made in the German media that we are in Lent), but also because she is aggressively left-wing, arrogant, preachy and a complete cow. Although a vociferous Greenie, she was at the wheel of an expensive gas-guzzler when caught. She is, incidentally, divorced and the front passenger seat was apparently occupied by a (current) beau. Hints are appearing that she may now be considering a new career in left-wing politics (see last link in particular).



The politicisation of life devours its children in Hannover:


I wonder if we're going to end up with something similar once episcopae come in in the dear old C of E. I am sure some readers will speculate as to who her English equivalent might be.

Nebuly said...


William Tighe said...

Flaminica/ae -- but perhaps hierodula/ai in certain circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I think the German would Bischofflein.

I don't think a faction of Hamas did this, and neither do you. This has all the hallmarks of Mossad.

tubbs said...


William Tighe said...

"but perhaps hierodula/ai in certain circumstances"

Or "hierodule" for you Atticists.

"Episcopissa" has a certain utility when associated with excessive alcoholic imbibition.