3 February 2010

The Brandsma Review

Somebody kindly sent me a copy of this Irish bimonthly; which is full of good stuff. An article on the Hiberno-Catholic priest (Anglo-Catholic seems an inept term) Fr Basil Maturin; on Dr Johnson's sympathy for Catholicism; and many sound opinions well argued. Oestrogen pollution in our waterways ... Filippo Lippi's La Madonna dell' umilita with a discussion about whether the Infant Lord is portrayed as a Down 's syndrome baby. ...

Interesting, that last. Artists have portrayed Christ, so as to make a point, as negroid or Asiatic; no harm there, since he was Jewish and yet we have often portrayed him as Caucasian. But offensively female Christs have appeared, as avant garde artists and ultraliberal clerics conspire to make their silly point. We could play this game too. Christ with Down's Syndrome would be a telling way of making a good point about the holocaust to which those thus formed are subjected in our thanatophiliac culture. And about the equal worth of all humans. Yes?



Anonymous said...

"Christ with Down's Syndrome would be a telling way of making a good point"

This is a most excellent thing to say.

God bless you, Father.

AndrewWS said...

I agree. Aren't there hints in the Scriptures that Our Lord had something wrong with him as an adult? No form nor comeliness that we might desire him? "Physician, heal thyself"?

Oh, and on the cross He was no more mobile than any paraplegic in a wheelchair.

Blessed be He.