15 February 2010


I have had a look at the site metre map. Whichever visitor I hit, I was given a lot of info about him/her. What puzzles me is that in each case it assured me that the length of the visit was nil seconds.

I shall never understand this computer business.


none said...

Strange indeed. I assure you, good Father, my visits take longer than a few seconds, especially after kicking myself that I missed some fine point...I speak of yesterday's wonderful coincidence of Charity in Corinthians and Saint Valentine. Today, of course, no doubt we should smile as we read of the Sodomitical viri pessimi!

Dr. Lee Fratantuono

The Religious PĂ­caro said...

I've noticed the same thing on my counter. Some visits are for actual units of time, but most say "0 seconds."

Michael McDonough said...

Fr. H,

I'm working on a hunch. Some viewers read blogs via a Blog Reader. Perhaps when they do so, since they are linked in order to get your blog via its RSS "feed", such "reads" are not counted as if they were actually browsing your blog? Thus, they are "there", but spend no "time" there.

Unknown said...

There are many puzzles with computers. But to be able to read about your thoughts and insights is a blessing indeed.

Richard Patterson

Adrian2010 said...

Join the ranks of the great confused, father. Cyberspace is, I assure you, even more bewildering than the dear old Church of England - much though I love it.