11 October 2014

Disallowed comments

With regret, I have declined two comments. One appeared to disparage the English Bishops; although it did so with a delightfully satirical wit, this sort of thing is a nono. I really am sorry.

The other referred to Vatican II simpliciter as a 'disaster'. Again, nono. By all means nuance the Council ...

My own instincts are inimical to any form of censorship. But, I have been informed, those who maintain blogs are held in some way responsible for the comments threads. I wish this were not so, but I gather it is.

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Jacobi said...


It might be inappropriate to apply the word “catastrophe” to the Second Vatican Council itself but when it come to the results and/or aftermath the word has been applied many times by, for example, Ratzinger, Mosebach, Crean, Warner and I’m sure many others.