19 October 2014

A Man to Watch?

One of the Holy Father's first nominations to episcopacy in 2013 was Victor Manuel Fernandez, Rector of the Pontifical Argentinian Catholic University; a post to which he had been appointed by Cardinal Bergoglio. He is only 52; his consecration was not followed by assignment to any pastoral episcopal ministry ... he remains merely Archbishop titularis of Tiburnia. He is thought to have collaborated with Bergoglio in the drafting of the Apparecida document from CELAM.

Fernandez was one of those specifically added to the recent Synod by act of the Sovereign Pontiff.

Before the Synod, the Holy Father very laudably urged the Synod Fathers to speak with parrhesia, a useful Greek term meaning completely unfearful boldness of speech. Immediately afterwards, Archbishop Fernandez was reported to have been heard saying "The pope told us to speak frankly. That means that we don't have to worry about Cardinal Mueller coming after us".

I think such words ... from such a person ... really are quite interesting, from quite a lot of different points of view. But I won't pompously spell it all out myself.


G. Thomas Fitzpatrick said...

And to think many traditionalists and conservatives had deep misgivings on Mueller's appointment to the CDF. Based on his published writings, he seemed too liberal, or at least not quite the thing on a good many counts. I am happy to admit I was wrong!

Cosmos said...

Mr. Fitzpatrick,

In America, there is a saying to the effect that a conservative is someone trying to conserve the liberal victories of 40 years ago. He is a man in the passenger seat of a car hurtling towards the edge of a cliff, counselling the driver to "slow down!"

The Polish bishops did not complain that the Synod was trampling the words of Christ, but of JPII!

My point is that while I am very thankful that a Cardinal of the Church stuck up for Jesus express commandment in this case, I am not sure that it is grounds for banishing all misgivings... Gratitude? Yes. Tust? Not yet.

Anonymous said...

Father Hunwicke, this is but one of several blog entries where you do not spell out all of your conclusions, a welcome invitation to exercise one's own faculties -- even if some points pass well over my head.

In this respect, as in others, your writing recalls that of the great Catholic (convert) writer Gene Wolfe, whose science fantasy novels invite a second reading, and a third -- a comparison which I intend as a compliment to both parties.

Mike Cliffson said...