1 October 2014


Another category of comment ... yet another ... which I have decided to exclude are those which make libelous comments about myself!

Someone has submitted ... three times! ... a claim that my ordination in the Catholic Church was delayed for sexual reasons.

I had hoped that I would never have to deal publicly with that episode, which is best left to moulder in the archives. But the facts are these.

A Catholic bishop, aware of my strong preference for the Extraordinary Form, deemed that I should be refused a 'positive votum' lest I should go around causing liturgical disorder and division.

This was subsequently sorted out on a personal basis. I came to appreciate the motives  ... and person! ... of the bishop concerned and, I think, he came to see me in a different light. He asked to perform the Ordination himself, and he leaned over backwards to behave with great graciousness. I am left with no hard feelings against this bishop. On the contrary, I esteem him very highly and acceded to his request that I remember him in my prayers.

The author of the comment seems to have a deep visceral detestation of the Ordinariates and of everybody and everything connected with them. If he is a Christian, I ask him in the name of Christ, and for his own good, his own happiness, to stop reading my blog.


GOR said...

I sympathize with you Father, for having to deal with such a scurrilous accusation. Unfortunately, it has become the norm in these times to try and bring down public figures by insinuations of sexual impropriety. Priests are especially vulnerable, given recent history. You are in good company, as even Pope Benedict was not immune from similar treatment.

Be assured that anyone who has even a passing knowledge of you either through your writing, or personally, would dismiss this out of hand. Baseless accusations say much more about the accuser than the accused.

Capreolus said...

I second the admirable comments by "GOR." All the very best to you, Father!

Vivas, crescas, floreas!

Scotspriest said...

Excellent thoughts, Father. Pray for this poor person.