17 October 2023

Saint Henry VI?

  ... and, after yesterday's 'Two lytell prayers', here is a prayer given his Imprimatur on January 30th 1926, by Thomas [Henshaw], Bishop of Salford:



O God, Who didst choose Thy servant King Henry to be a pattern of innocence and most patient meekness, a lover of the priesthood and a patron of godly learning; and Who hast, as we confidently hope, restored to him in heaven the crown which he lost on earth; grant we beseech Thee, that for Thy greater glory and the salvation of souls he may be glorified on earth as in heaven. 

Moved by that faith and loyalty towards the Holy See, which he ever showed in the hour when its privileges were most in danger, we humbly beg this favour through the infinite merits of Jesus Christ Thy Son, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God world without end. Amen.

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Ben Whitworth said...

From a prayer book printed by Caxton, which has recently been edited by Alexandra Barratt and Susan Powell, and published in the journal Middle English Texts, vol. 61, here is an earlier "oracio de beato rege Henrico":
Rex Henricus, sis amicus nobis in angustia,/cuius prece nos a nece saluemur perpetua./Lampas morum, spes egrorum, ferens medicamina,/ sis tuorum famulorum ductor ad celestia./ Pax in terra, non sit guerra, orbis per confinia./Virtus crescat et feruescat caritas per omnia./ Non sudore vel dolore moriamur subito,/ sed viuamus et plaudamus celis sine termino.
V. Ora pro nobis, deuote rex Henrice.
R. Vt per te cuncti superati sunt inimici.
Oracio. Oremus.
Presta, quesumus, omnipotens et misericors Deus, vt qui deuotissimi regis Henrici merita miraculis fulgencia pie mentis affectu recolimus in terris eius et omnium sanctorum tuorum intercessionibus, ab omni peste, febre, morbo ac inprouisa morte, ceterisque eruamur malis, & gaudia sempiterna adipisci mereamur. Per Christum Dominus nostrum. Amen.