13 October 2023

Saints galore

Here is another itinerary; this particular gentleman swept through London and Kent seeking Intercession for the ailing Prince Arthur.

to OLCrowham (2/6); 

to the Rood of Grace in Kent (1/8);

to S Thomas of Canterbury (5/-) and to OLUndercroft there (5/-);

to S Adrian (1/8);

to S Augustine (1/8);

to OLDover (1/8);

to the Rood of the North Door in Paul's (1/8) and to OLGrace there (1/8);

to S Ignatius (1/8;);

to S Dominic (1/8);

to S Peter of Milan (?) (1/-);

to S Francis (1/8);

to Saint Saviour (2/6);

to OLPew (2/6);

to OLBarking (2/6);

and to OLWillesden (2/6).


Richard Ashton said...

Catholic England must have been chock a block with holy places. So much has been taken from us! We all suffer every day from the wickedness of King Henry.

John F H H said...

Would S Peter of Milan be S Peter Martyr?
and perhaps be [a shrine?] in the Dominican priory church at Blackfriars?

Thomas said...

Peter of Milan is most likely Peter of Verona (St. Peter Martyr). He was an early Domincan who preached against Catharism and won many converts from that heresy. He was murdered by assassins hired by the Cathars on 1252. He was buried in Milan and was canonised the following year, the fastest papal canonisation on record. Santo subito!

E sapelion said...

Peter Martyr was killed in Milan and his tomb is there, so yes Peter of Milan would be he. He has the distinction of the most rapidly canonized saint so far. Assassinated on April 6th, he was canonized on the following March 9th, which in the then common reckoning of the years beginning on March 25th would be the same year number.

Arthur Gallagher said...

It interests me that of the two largest donations, one was to the shrine of St. Thomas a Becket. Actually, both of those two donations were at Canterbury, so that might explain it. Maybe. But it is interesting to me, because not so long later, that celebrated saint was being erased by command of Henry VIII. In the change from Catholic to Protestant the state becomes less the expression of the people, and more its master.