24 July 2023


Anybody who cares will have guessed that I'm back from the Roman Forum Conference ... because I have now dealt with most of the Comments offered in my absence. Thank you for them.

Being above Lake Garda is like being in a kind of Terra Sancta. Y'see, there are many subterranean channels under the stony pavents. As in Blighty, they have metal covers. But, whereas in England these would bear the enticing information THAMES WATER, in Lombardy they are inscribed with the name of the Manufacturer. 


So, as one treads the nimble cobbles of Gardone Sopra, one is constantly reminded that one is favouring with ones gratified feet the Pontiff who presided over that Council which some fool once said was more important than Nicaea.

In Brescia, where, busy little man, he manufactured his elegant plumbing accessories, there is a shrine to the Great Pontiff.

Better to say as little about that as possible.


Ben of the Bayou said...


First, welcome back. I hope you had a pleasant and edifying sojourn there.

Second, regarding the Nicaea comment, wouldn't you agree that this is all of a piece with the idea that V II is a "second" Pentecost, that it was the "Great Reset" of the Church?

Matthew F Kluk said...

Montini makes plumbing.Montini caused a mess. Papa Francesco talks of cacophagy. This could be a job for Roto Rooter drain cleaning.

coradcorloquitur said...

The less said about melancholy, Hamlet-like Montini the better. Quite agreed. But saying and knowing are two different human functions---and we do know quite a lot, don't we?

Catholic England said...

Plumbing is important. If the basics aren't covered, effluent gets over everything important. It's tricky to get the smell away. No half-hearted jobs for either faeces disposal or theological documents - both can cause severe illness.