4 July 2023

Climate Change

Lots of blossom, Myrtle, Olive, in our garden. (But very few butterflies.) According to the know-alls, this was the warmest and driest June since 1940.

Hang on ...



That lovely June (you remember it?) when the dear little boats plied their summer trade in and out of Dunkirk ... When Herr Hitler met the French in a gracious old vintage railway carriage in a French woodland glade, to discuss Peace ...

So why was June 1940 so clement? Global Warming, of course ... we all know that ... dogma datum ... but what particular anthropogenic processes caused the Climate Change that June? 

hitlersillegalwar, of course.

The Luftwaffe, of course!! Hermann Goring!!! 

So, June 2023 ... why so warm ... 



It's amazing, how well everything fits together! As it always does in all the best Conspiracy Theories!!



Zephyrinus said...

Dear Fr. Hunwicke.

Reference Butterflies (see, above).

This year, to date, I have espied THREE Butterflies in one's “jardin”.


Something is wrong. Big time.

Climate Change ?

Illegal Wars ?

Vatican II ?

Banshee said...

Ha! Thanks to being on the wrong side of the jetstream, we had one of the coldest Junes in memory, here in Ohio.

Last few times when we had an El Nino year, we got a drought, so it isn't the worst. It is just very weird to sweat in April and shiver in June.