2 July 2023


For more than five years, I have been warning about the Bergoglian plan to make Tucho Fernandez Prefect of the CDF/DDF.

Here, for example, is a piece from this blog on 6 June 2018.

It gives me no pleasure to have been proved right.

 ONEPETERFIVE is carrying a story that the outgoing Archbishop of La Plata has not only had his resignation accepted with significantly indecent haste, but is being told not to reside in the Archdiocese. If this turns out to be true, it will show a cavalier attitude to Canon Law (402:  ... habitationis sedem, si id exoptet, in ipsa dioecesi servare potest, nisi certis in casibus ob specialia adiuncta ab Apostolica Sede aliter provideatur.)

It has long been my fear that PF might wish to fast-track Tucho Fernandez, the Professor of the Art of Kissing, to be Prefect of the CDF. This may be a step towards that. We must pray that this pontificate may not last long enough to allow any such plot to mature.

If all this is true, it exemplifies the picture painted by recent historians, of this pontificate as a tyranny; an absolute monarchy. Sire; Lawler; Douthat. Except that in real absolute monarchies there were de facto checks and balances.

The only attractive feature of this story is that the emeritus archbishop is said to have been offered a bed by an Orthodox bishop. Vivat Byzantium.

God grant that the whole story may turn out to be untrue.


Banshee said...

Actually, the South American newspapers say that Fernandez has in fact been named the new archbishop of La Plata.


I don't see it on vatican.va, though.

Banshee said...

Oops. OnePeterFive linked to Vatican.va's announcement; it was dated back on June 2.

Elisabeth F. said...

It seems to me that the Holy Spirit is working overtime in the Vatican. The longer PF lives, the more cronies are appointed, the more their associates are eposed. We are starting to hear from those in the Magisterium who are orthodo. A lay person can no longer honestly say that they were led astray by the teachings of their bishop in the absence of the presentation of Truth; the local church is currently an international church thanks to the internet and cellphones.
With PE Benedict out of office, there is no voice at the top teaching the faith. When he stepped aside, it seemed to me that there was a frightening, awful vaccum within Church leadership. Then it seemed that - in a marvellous display of fake simplicity and humility - an agent of Satan had been appointed to head (not lead) the Church. Surprising events can happen in vacuums - and the more this evil flourishes in space and time, the more its members are revealed - by their choosing !
During these past few decades we have had Ratzinger to confirm us in Truth and Wojtyla to teach us who we are, to be not afraid when living under and defeating oppression. We are seeing good bishops leading by eample of how to behave under persecution. God has given us eactly who we need.
How better to epose the arrogant, prideful, self-serving, populist evils of Satan?
Where I live, it has been raining for weeks and the summer garden is all weeds - growing amazingly tall. Ha ! I tell them - I know who and where you are and I am coming for you ! (well, ecept for the wild onions, whose bulbs are headed for pickling and freezing). The garden is finaly ready to be replanted - smaller but stronger. I think we've heard that before.

Jhayes said...

I hesitate to characterize it as a "cavalier attitude" since CIC 402 provides that the emeritus bishop can reside in his former diocese "unless in certain cases the Apostolic See provides otherwise because of special circumstances"

I say that without knowing what, if any, the "special circumstances" may be.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

The pope continued: “Moreover, you know that the Church ‘needs to grow in her interpretation of the revealed word and in her understanding of truth,’ without this implying the imposition of a single way of expressing it. For ‘differing currents of thought in philosophy, theology and pastoral practice, if open to being reconciled by the Spirit in respect and love, can enable the Church to grow.’ This harmonious growth will preserve Christian doctrine more effectively than any mechanism of control.”

Is there any power more controlling than Libido Dominandi?

“Therefore I cannot refrain from speaking about the city of this world, a city which aims at dominion, which holds nations in enslavement, but is itself dominated by that very lust of domination.” City of God, Augustine.

Y'all knew this was coming right?

Liberal morality is the easiest way to control people. Ask America....

PM said...

What next? Rupnik as head of the Congregation for Religious?

FrB. said...

In 2017, I said to friends that we'd had our century since Fatima and things would start to unravel more quickly. I wasn't attempting prophecy, just being very matter of fact. It's sliding much more rapidly than I expected and gathering pace. Worse times are coming.