1 January 2023

Edward Stephens

Founded a "Religious Society of Single Women"

the defects of 1662 had "made the the morning service to him but a mourning service"

"to meet daily, at five inthe morning, at a daily Communion"

BCP "was not concluded by any unanimous Agreementof any certain lnown discreet bishops or other learned men of this church or realm; but corrupted and disordered by the councels and asistance of foreigners and by the practice and cntrivance of cramer promoted in parliament, and by parliament authority schismatically imposed upon the church and nation , without the consentof the clergy of this ntion  ..."

setting up of the royal arms in churches "was an insolent, prophane and Impious thing"

he asks "Whether the clegy in general , and every particular person of them ought not to use in the celebration of these holy mysteries a more compleat and perfect form, notwithstanding any temporal laws to the contrary, as they will answer it to God upon the Salvation of their Souls in the las day?"

"in the expunging of the Commemoration of the Saints, there was a Special Gratification of their [the devils'] Spite and Malice against Them [the Saints] ..."

"a most Solemn Act of of Communion of Saints, answered by them in their prayers for the Church upon Earth; to have all this abolished was undoubtedly a matter of much Joy and Tryumph in the whole kingdom of darkness."

"In the due Consecration of the Eucharist it hath always been believed in the Catholic Church that there is a Special Sanctification of the Elements of Bread and Wine by the Descent of the Holy Spirit at the Prayers of the Church: in the putting out therefore of that Prayer there is a double Gratification of that Malicious Spirit ... by depriving the Church of the Benefit of that Prayer and making the Consecration at least doubtfull, but none at all according to the Sentiments of the greatest part of Christians at this day ..."

Ante-Communion without the Eucharist s "A very pleasant spectacle undoubtedly to Troops of Apostate Spirits ..."

"this One Unbloody Sacrifice, ot Holy Rite of the Blessed Eucharist doth succeed as an Antitype and Memorial in the Christian Church, in the place of all those Bloody Typical Sacrifices of the Jews; as is taught  both by Ancient Christians, and by Learned Men of our own Church and Times."

" ...the taking away of the Daily Sacrifice is as notorious a Mark of the Spirit of Antichrist ... as any ..." 

"The Prayer at the Offering of Incense 

To thee, O Lord, do I offer this Incense, according to thine own Word and the Usage of thy Holy Catholic Church ... "

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