1 January 2023

Cardinal Mueller

 Many Happy Returns of yesterday, Eminence!

31 December, obit of Benedict XVI, was also the Birth Day of Gerhard Cardinal Mueller. 

He deserves love and respect.

There does, however, seem to me a theological problem here.

We live at a time when there is some very fine teaching emerging from the Cardinal Bishops, Priests, and Deacons of the Holy Roman Church. But it is not coming from its Bishop, Jorge Bergoglio. On the contrary: it seems that PF continues to do as much as he can to subvert the Catholic Faith. 

Matters would be less serious if PF contented himself with expressions of personal prejudices. So much more disturbing is the situation when the venom stored up through decades of personal nastiness spills over into personal detestations.

Are there considerations, arising from the authentic Paradosis, Traditio of the Roman Church, which would enable us to give a useful and watertight account of the situation in which to distinguish between the fine teaching of the Burkes and the Sarahs and the Muellers, and the corrupting expressions of the Pontiff's own embarrassing dicta?

But, meanwhile, eis polla ete Despota!


Eriugena said...

Aha! Those questioning the validity of the Roman Pontiff will be suspended, eh? Happy Circumcision, Father!

Prayerful said...


One strange thing to my eyes is that the official bio as it at least originally basically just covered Benedict becoming Pope and then resigning. Maybe deliberate, maybe not. There are so many areas where there is contrast to Francis' detriment, obviously in orthodoxy, but also safeguarding and financial probity where BXVI accomplished much, and Francis did little, and in many cases tried to reverse the reform while certain parts of the oligarch media hailed him as the Humble Reformer.

Francis said...

Doesn't this come back to the Hunwicke thesis, derived from Newman, that under Francis the Petrine magisterium is in a period of suspension? Following this line of interpretation, even if the Petrine teaching authority is on ice, other prelates are still free to preach and teach on matters of faith and morals, and indeed the best prelatial voices in the Church -- recognising the current situation -- are filling the vacuum that has been created at the topmost level. These prelates can't provide a substitute magisterium in its fullest sense as they are not the pontiff, but they can do the next best thing.

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