13 August 2021

It is pretty shameless of me ...

 ... yet again to plug a collection of essays one of which is from myself! But, of course, I always succumb to the temptation to do this! 

Are Canonizations INFALLIBLE? Revisiting a disputed question.

Arouca Press, edited by the admirable Professor Kwasniewski.

I know many readers have been worried by the spate of canonisations of 'Conciliar popes', seeing this process as politically motivated. This collection has sixteen pieces ... including one from Prospero Lambertini, Pope Benedict XIV. Their views are varied. But many of the contributions are from the stable which, as well as the Dubia, brought you the Filial Correction and the other recent documents which establish a theological case against this pontificate.

Not to be missed!


Anita Moore said...

I just got my copy and am on the third chapter. You should absolutely get this book!

Tony V said...

You need a whole book for that question? I have a one word answer.