25 October 2021

Vladimir Vladimirovich

There is on the Internet an interesting piece by VV. He suggests that the Wokery and attempts at cultural or linguistic transformation which are being played out in Western societies at the moment resemble the similar attempts made in his country at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution. 

I hope I am not naive about VV.Yes; I do know about his background. He may indeed be complicit in homicide, not least in my own country.

But he's not the only one to play such games. Osama bin Laden was killed by an American unit operating without sanction in the sovereign territory of another country, Pakistan. There are photographs of Obama and his cronies watching the exercise on a screen, so we know that the operation was sanctioned at the highest level. Russkiland is not the only place where it can be decided that inconvenient people be removed from an equation.

And, yes, I do realise that VV is a politician, and that ... even when they are right ... politicians have an agenda for what they say.

But ...


scotchlil said...

The 'Wokery' seems to be proliferating more wildly than ever. The weekly newletter of the local RC parish contained the following...


Further to the notice in the newsletter, so far I've received some suggestions, including, very briefly:

1. The urgent need to address the priest shortages and the practical solution of allowing for married priests
2. The role of women in the church...[see above!]
3. Inclusiveness for divorced people ...to be able to receive communion and feel that they truly belong
4. recognition, sensitivity and welcome for any nor conforming to the expected heterosexual relationships.
5. encouraging and celebrating our musicality through more singing and performing
6.Not to penalise those who have not been vaccinated.
7.Not to restrict those who wish to go to Latin Mass.
8. Work for unity so that we celebrate the same Easter dates together with our brothers snd sisters in the Orthodox Church.

My friend, sighing heavily, asked why they do not simply join the Church of England. It is deeply, deeply shocking to me that in an 'average' parish there is so little awareness of the faith and practice of the Church. Shocking and disheartening.

Josephus Muris Saliensis said...

Scotchlil: you seem to have a very up-market sort of liberal-woke parish. Usually the tenets of points 1-5 exclude support for item 7, whose adherents are to be cast into outer darkness, and item 6 has recently join the club of those not to be tolerated.

Item 8 is just silly, shows total ignorance of calendars, and will run on and on. Its right up there with not changing the clocks/proposing double summer-time.

John Patrick said...

The purpose of "Wokery" is two-fold: to continue the eroding of traditional (i.e. Catholic) values and to create conflict. Communists as far back as Gramsci recognized that a classic class struggle as happened in the Bolshevik revolution would not work in contemporary European or American society. Therefore another type of struggle has to be manufactured

Scribe said...

Scotchlill is right. There seems to be a near-fatal timidity about teaching the Faith in so many parishes, for fear of upsetting people's tender consciences. I remember the old-fashioned missions years ago, where frank and fearless teaching was given, and many converts were made. As Scotchlill says, there are some RC congregations that could migrate without trouble or fuss to the Church of England. We are admonished in Romans 12 v.2 not to conform ourselves to this world, but that is what so many are doing now.

coradcorloquitur said...

"Wokery" is nothing more than the more advanced Marxist march through the institutions that Antonio Gramsci prescribed. Most of us who are not part of the leftist aggiornamento have been asleep at the switch while the unstable but tireless leftist rabble works day and night, with ever-increasing fury and determination, to transform society and each and every one of us according to their nightmarish vision. Their leaders have been astute enough to use the cudgel of "love" and "turning the other cheek" to their complete advantage by intimidating and silencing us---and we, like proper Victorian ladies at high tea, have submissively allowed them. If ever Christian teachings need orthodox magisterial clarification are those of the passive universal "love" (which ends up serving well those who do not love: closer to Haight-Ashbury than to the road to Jericho) and the troublesome "turning of the other cheek." Very possibly this has already been done by the Magisterium and I have missed it (certainly for most of the life of the Church Christians were not burdened by these deformations of Our Lord's teachings). One thing is certain, the poetic and prophetic words of the great William Butler Yeats have come true with perfect and horrifying clarity today: "the best lack all conviction; the worst are full of passionate intensity." We only have ourselves to blame, we who have "obeyed ourselves" all the way to a despised ghetto.