28 October 2015

Professor Germaine Greer

I will not repeat information about her which you can find on Wikipaedia. But, briefly for those who have never heard of her ... Greer was one of the great names of Feminism from the 1960s onwards. Intelligent and articulate and academic, she was a name to conjure with ... and be threatened by.

Not now. She's gone off message. Or rather, 'Feminism' has itself mutated into positions which she never held, has never accepted, and sees no reason not to repudiate. As well as The Female Eunuch, the work by which she made her name, a book I don't think you will regret giving time to is her The Whole Woman.

Don't get me wrong. Greer is not some Victorian Convert to Righteousness. Reading her will not reinforce all your own convictions about things with regard to which you have strong feelings. For example, she has joined no anti-abortion organisation. She waves no pro-life banner. But read what she writes about Abortion ... and a lot of other things ... in TWW, and you'll see what a lot of acute good sense she talks about the Abortion industry as a way in which men exploit, demean, and make money out of women. I rather like her angry rhetoric about "the gynecological abattoir". Incidentally, she praised the initiative of Cardinal Winning to give women in Scotland a genuine alternative to Abortion.

Political Correctness in this country is particularly preoccupied at the moment with 'Transgender People' ... and all that. I know this because I read the Undergraduate freebie newspapers which circulate in this University! And Dr Greer has maintained the simple and obvious position that a man, rendered incomplete and filled with female hormones, is not a woman. Greer is willing to use female pronouns for such an individual out of courtesy; she does not desire to prevent them from having the thing done to them; but she doesn't see why she should be forced to say that Black is White. She campaigned against the election of a 'transwoman' to be a Fellow of her College in Cambridge on the grounds that the Statutes prescribe that Fellows must be women ... and that the fellowship candidate wasn't. Total universal uproar. From being a Feminist Icon, transformation into Major Hate Figure.

And now, to bring you up to date ...

... she is lined up to take part in a series of lectures at Cardiff University on Twentieth Century Feminism ... of which she was, at least as far as Britain is concerned, the dominant figure. And ... yes, you've guessed ... the bigots are doing their best to get her banned. ("Bigot" is a short-hand English term for: "People who say 'I am in favour of free speech but'.")


Long-Skirts said...


On “language event”
Would never get bent
A vine of thorns
For Your head

They must dispel
All thoughts of hell
And why Your Blood
Was shed.

To “accompany” You came
Our psyches not maim
For our planet
Hangs by a thread

It’s “where you’re at”
“Bravo” to all that
But Bruce Jenner
Can’t, Kotex, make red!

Michael Leahy said...

The newer transgendered males who assert they are women seem to claim the right to do so without taking any hormones or whupping anything off at all. They also reserve the right to switch to another of very many (?) genders at the drop of a hat. This, to me, displays a suspicious lack of commitment. For the older generation, who didn't hesitate to take the knife to themselves and pump themselves full of hormones, I could have a certain amount more respect, no matter how self-deluded they were. Now they just seem interested in spitefully forcing people to share their insanity. Since insanity is involved and is being so indulged by the secular establishment, it is unsurprising that it should thrive and grow. It is important for as many people as possible not to lend their assent.

Kathleen1031 said...

In the states we have now vast experience with homofascism. There is a group in Massachusetts that now have PhD's in it, MassResistance. This group, headed up by the indomitable Brian Camenker, is Ground Zero for how to take it on, and even win. They are amazing. There is another American gentleman, an attorney who ran for governor in Massachusetts, Pastor Scott Lively. Mr. Lively has been persecuted and sued, terribly unfairly, in an effort to silence him. Either one of these websites can give you information on how to combat these diabolically aggressive and vile individuals. There is a level of fury and personality disorder that accompanies such personality issues. It has been well studied and documented, but of course that information is now suppressed.

Anonymous said...

Don't you remember the women waving their coathangers?

"I'll rip the baby out of my womb with this! Or else! My body my choice!"

Women aren't the victims of abortion. They're the killers.

The myth that women can make no moral choices on their own has to end.

Look at the Planned Parenthood videos.

Women are throughout the administration of that organization and prominent among the doctors.

Most women want the option to kill their children in the womb. That's how they vote.

They aren't the victims.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

This may not be off-topic. I just see connections where many don't.
When some 20 years ago I shared some of my worries with a person who would probably call herself my friend, though I considered her my acquittance, she said at some point: "You know, I pay my therapist hundreds of dollars for an opportunity to be this negative." She was on anti-depressants, too. When I pointed out to her on a different occasion that her "happiness" and "positive attitude" were fake and artificially induced, that she was likely more miserable than I was, she explained: "At least I am doing something about it!" - meaning the pills.
I didn't even attempt to make her understand that seeking a little company and comfort from friends while struggling with worries and problems, was a wiser choice than pill-popping and artificial happiness. She was too main-stream, never challenged predominant fashions.

I thought back then that one day I would get my revenge of sorts, that all these people who just followed the madness out there in the world I was finding increasingly destructive, would mature, grow wiser, and possibly regret the hurt they caused me. (I was not a Catholic back then, more proud than now, and I didn't include God in my considerations.)

I maintained that happiness (especially a chemically-induced one) was not as precious as Truth, that obstacles were put in front of us, so that we could grow a little at a time. I believed that knowing one's own shortcomings and overcoming them gave one a sense of identity, a sense of continuity and growth...

This was very naive, I was completely blind-sided. I had no idea that pill-popping, obligatorily happy zombies were growing in numbers by design, and that they would only get dumber. Overcoming one's own shortcomings, practising virtue, valuing the particular life one was given by God to serve His purpose - is all even less popular now than 20 years ago. Now all kinds of vice are celebrated, and even one's biology is denied. People denied God, and now they deny everything God gave them, the things and qualities they are supposed to use to serve Him, each positioned where they are according to His Will. And this is embraced by academia, as well as many, many clergy. A perfect transition to transhumanism. I am glad I am not getting any younger. This is becoming too much. No one to talk to. This may be the reason why I am entering this comment. Feeling increasingly alone in this world. Or maybe I am on the topic after all.

Sadie Vacantist said...

Miss Greer should have remained a Catholic.

GOR said...

Dear Dorota::

You are not alone. The madnesses of this world affect us all, and with advancing years, I can relate to your discomfort. It is a different world – and in many cases - not for the better. But we should be consoled that this is a passing existence, not the final goal. The confusion and uncertainty of this world will be replaced with the clarity and certainty of eternity in Heaven. That is the only reason we are here – to get there.

Unknown said...

joeeckard above wrote:

"The myth that women can make no moral choices on their own has to end."

Agreed, and disagree that Greer's characterization of abortion as an apparatus whereby men exploit women is an improvement in her position.

Whenever the charge is made by society that Man oppresses Woman one can usually replace Man with God, and Woman with Mankind (in the "sexist" sense of the term of course) and get close to the root of what is really being asserted.