5 July 2021


At Mass this morning, I prayed for our Holy Father Pope Francis. As, I hope, did you.

On June 24, I published a piece explaining that the essence of PF's heresy is his claim that, just as Jesus supplanted Moses as Teacher, so he, PF, Voice of the Holy Spirit, is now supplanting Jesus as Teacher. (I first made this point, with copious supporting evidence, at Gardone in 2017, in a lecture now published in Defending the Faith Against Present Heresies, Arouca Press.)

Thanks to Professor Tighe, I have read a fine piece by John Zmirak in The Stream, advancing precisely the same analysis, and pointing out the relevance of the condemnation of the heretic Marcion to the Bergoglianite errors.

Zmirak neatly points out that the Bergoglianite assertion amounts to modifying the Sermon on the Mount so that its claim mutates into You have heard that X was said by Jesus. But I say unto you, Non-X.

Like Zmirak, I regard the belief of many, that PF is the Antichrist, as wrong to the point of being ridiculous.

I pray that the Gemelli will prove to have sorted out the Papal Colon ... and that le bon Dieu will sort out the heresy and blasphemy questions.



Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

That's funny - from stuff I read several years ago, I had the impression that Zmirak didn't realise that Logic Is Your Friend.

Just shows that while there's life, there's hope.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. ABS prays for him every day.

It was a weird coincidence that you mentioned the Papal Colon. This morning ABS read:

2 Paralipomenon about King Joram ... And besides all this the Lord struck him with an incurable disease in his bowels. [19] And as day came after day, and time rolled on, two whole years passed: then after being wasted with a long consumption, so as to void his very bowels, his disease ended with his life.

And folks fret about Covid..

Jon said...

Indeed. I pray for him every day. Psalm 108:8, to be precise.

Joseph Revesz Sr. said...

Forgive me, Father, I prayed that God's will be done.

Joseph Revesz Sr. said...

I prayed that God's will be done, period.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father Dear Father. Mr. Zmirak assures his readers that infalliblity has been invoked about eight times:

Yes, Catholics will defer to a pope if he ever uses his supreme power to declare something as infallible. That has happened maybe eight times in history.

At Vatican 1, The Official relation on infallibility, presented by Bishop Gasser reports a few more times than eight:

030.     But some will persist and say: there remains, therefore, the duty of the Pontiff - indeed most grave in its kind – of adhering to the means apt for discerning the truth, and, although this matter is not strictly dogmatic, it is, nevertheless, intimately connected with dogma.  For we define:  the dogmatic judgments of the Roman Pontiff are infallible.  Therefore let us also define the form to be used by the Pontiff in such a judgment.  It seems to me that this was the mind of some of the most reverend fathers as they spoke from this podium.  But, most eminent and reverend fathers, this proposal simply cannot be accepted because we are not dealing with something new here.  Already thousands and thousands of dogmatic judgments have gone forth from the Apostolic See; where is the law which prescribed the form to be observed in such judgments?

lynn said...

No I do not pray for Pope Francis God the Holy Trinity is Good not man. Only God is Good Read
Aquinas commentary on Matthew 16:18. God revealed to Peter that Jesus was God then Peter immediately fell away and Jesus rebuked him. The pope as the authorized goodness of God is the blasphemy of the Jesuits.

PM said...

I was interested to read this report of Mr Zmirak's views. I wonder if they have changed: previous effusions if his seem to suggest that not only venerable pope's such as Leo XIII and Pius XI were deluded leftist sentimentalists on questions of social policy and economics, but that Our Lord was too, and that they all needed rectification from the uber magisterium of Professor Hayek and Ayn Rand.

Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

Hear, hear!!

(WRT to PM.)