26 July 2009


The post-conciliar revisers, in their first draft of hymns for the new Office Book, proposed the following 16th(?) century hymn, present in the Benedictine Breviary, which goes to the tune of Ave maris Stella. I think it didn't make it through to the cut because they decided they needed a more 'Joachim' hymn to counterbalance all those 'Anna' hymns which the Tradition offers.

Gaude, mater Anna,
gaude mater sancta,
cum sis Dei facta
genetrix avia.

Plaude tali natae
virgini Mariae;
eius genitore
Ioachim congaude

in hac nostra terra
primo benedicta,
quae fuit in Eva
quondam maledicta.

Ergo sume laudes
quas damus ovantes;
nos ab omni sorde
tua prece terge.

Sit laus Deo Patri,
summo Christo decus,
Spiritui Sancto
honor, tribus unus.

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CG said...

The Sarum order of Vespers (ed. The Rev. G.H. Palmer) has a variant 'Ave mater Anna' in 6 stanzas which doesn't mention either Eve or Joachim.