28 July 2021

Now the SPIRIT of Traditionis custodes is upon us!!

Like Vatican II, TC has now (after only twelve days!!) sprouted its own ghastly SPIRIT, which can even be directly contrary to the wording of TC, but still has to be as ruthlessly enforced.

According to Fr Zed, an American cardinal called Gregory has forbidden an Authentic Form Mass in an American church which ... is NOT a "parish church".

Simply a tyranny, isn't it, all this. You have to guess what Hitler or Stalin or that North Korean chappy really want, then you have to enforce it. If you know what's good for you.

This is what tyrants and their lackeys always really expect. They don't really take seriously even their own wretched enactments. They just want you to grovel.


coradcorloquitur said...

Exactly, dear Father. Groveling and the attendant humiliation of the groveler is what gives them their jollies. We are dealing with truly perverse people---their perversity coupled with their ostensible Christian faith coming together into a true obscenity. The Good Shepherd's Sacred Heart must be deeply wounded by this recent "trahison des clercs." Anyone who now chatters about the need for "obedience" to these traitors to Christ must be one of them or a consummate fool.

Sendero said...

Perhaps the recent Moto Propio should have been given the title "Custodes de Globalism".

Evangeline said...

God bless you, Fr. Hunwicke, for calling this out and in no uncertain terms. Yes, yes, it is always about power and the people who must have it and you must acknowledge that power is theirs to wield as they see fit. And you must like it. You must smile and look pleasant while they are bashing you over the head with their power. But you must call it "compassion", or at least, that's what they'll tell you it is while they bash you on your head. Compassion and mercy look a lot like brutality and thuggishness.
Apparently this Pontifical Mass had been scheduled a very long time, and it takes planning and organization to work out the logistics of it, which many people had already done. Permission had long been granted to have this Pontifical Mass, trips were arranged by participants, and so on. But then the Guardians of "Tradition" (hah!) decided that it was more merciful and traditional to demand a new request to conduct the Mass and then DENY THAT PERMISSION weeks before the Mass was to be held.
These men have outed themselves. No Grindr app is needed. We see what they are, what they are about, and it is undeniably ugly. TC we get, we see where he's coming from, and now each bishop shall make it abundantly clear what they are.

Grant Milburn said...

Things move fast in the internet age. Not two weeks out from TC, and already we have the Spirit of TC, but more positively, a hundred excellent articles contra TC. Pre-internet, it would have taken us months to get to this point.

I wonder if the bishops appreciate the spotlight that the Pontiff has shined upon them. From now on, each one of them must demonstrate in very public fashion, through his actions, exactly what he thinks of the Authentic Rite. "We love it", or "we hates it, we hates it", and every nuanced opinion in between. And meanwhile the traddy community is taking notes and sharing them via the interwebs. Quis custodiet ipsos traditionis custodes? Answer: the whole traddy world, and a lot more, that's who.

Matthew said...

The excellent Fr Somerville-Knapman has written extensively on the subject of TC in the past few days; see https://hughsk.vivaldi.net. An interesting suggestion of his is that the 1965 "interim" rite reflects the "spirit of the Council" more faithfully than the Novus Ordo, and that it should be brought back into use.

Discipula said...

I have been to this basilica twice, it is one of the more beautiful churches in the United States. A Solemn High Mass in that setting at this time when everyone is curious and wants to see what the fuss is about may end up shaming the typical experience of the average Sunday fare, which is still deplorable in too many places. I suspect Gregory was happy enough to allow it when it was just another event. Now its news and he could end up with egg on his face. Oh no, that will never do.

prince Matecki said...

I just came to a commentary by His Eminency Walter Cardinal Brandmueller. Interestingly, like Father Hunwicke, he quotes John XXIII Veterum Sapientiae as
"lex mere ecclesiastica".
He remembers his days as a young doctor of divinity in Rome then, and he was quickly convinced that trying to teach or learn modern history of the church in latin was a futile exercise. So that papal decree was most intelligently ignored.
"Gemach, Freunde, also, und Geduld. Noch nie hat unerleuchteter Eifer dem Frieden, dem gemeinen Wohl gedient. Es war der heilige John Henry Newman, der, den großen Augustinus zitierend, erinnert hat: „Securus iudicat orbis terrarum“. Achten wir inzwischen sorgsam auf unsere Sprache. „Verbale Abrüstung“ hat man das schon einmal genannt. Mit frömmeren Worten: Keine Verletzung der brüder- (und neuerdings schwester-)lichen Liebe!"
in my translation:
"Hold on, friends, and patience! Never has unenlightened zealserved peace or the common welfare. It was holy JHN, who, in quoting St. Augustine (of Hippo), remineded us: "securus iudicat orbis terrarum". In the meantime, let us all guard our language. This has been called "verbal disarmament" in earlier days. Out in a more pious clause: Do not injure others contrary to the fraternal (and these days also sisterly) love!"
(I hope I got it right and without too many typos)

Magna Cartar said...

Dom Bede Rowe's excellent blog 'A Chaplain Abroad' has been deleted. I wonder if that was on the orders of Bishop Lang?