12 July 2016


Tomorrow is the Year's Mind, as we say in the Patrimony, of our late Sovereign Liege Lord, Henry IX, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, Cardinal Bishop of Frascati and later Dean of the College of Cardinals. He took part in several conclaves, most notably the conclave in Venice which followed the death in prison of Pius VI during the darkest period of the Enlightenment.

I wonder if readers can suggest ways of celebrating the reign of one of our most endearing sovereigns. I suppose the obvious thing would be to consume a bottle of Frascati.

I believe my late friend, Fr Michael Melrose, pp of S Giles' Reading, once told me that His Majestic Eminence died of an excess of Melons. It is an enormous shame that Father didn't live long enough to join the Ordinariate; the items in his capacious and idiosyncratic memory were just the sort of riches that make our Patrimonial community so exuberant and vibrant.

So ... a Canteloupe with crudo, and a toast to His Eminent Majesty, drunk in Frascati?


Donna Bethell said...

Henry IX sounds like a fine chap to this American. I met my guardian angel in Frascati; when his task was complete he disappeared as suddenly and inexplicably as he had come. I celebrated my rescue with a good dinner and a mezzo of the local best.

the Savage said...

Perhaps in honour of his remote namesake you should say he expired from a surfeit of melons.