20 April 2021

Flower power: our Holy Father and his Aspidistra

I wrote not long ago about the CDF prohibition of the 'blessing' of 'gay marriages'; I pointed out that PF, instead of "approving it and ordering its publication", was simply informed of it and permitted its publication. I can't help feeling that the way is being left open for Cardinal Ladaria ... when the time is right ... to be hung out to dry. Or "thrown under a 'bus"? Which phrase would be preferable?

But this timorous approach of PF is not matched by that of the Patriarchate of Moskow. Metropolitan Hilarion, of this University, 'Foreign Minister of the Russian Church', made clear that the Third Rome backs the prohibition. He even went so far as to explain the prohibition rather more neatly than Rome has done, emphasising the difference between blessing someone who comes for a blessing; and blessing a sinful relationship. 

As PF continues nervously to maintain the SUSPENSE of his Petrine Ministry, perhaps we should be thankful that the "true but wounded Sister Churches" [confer Communionis notio and Dominus Iesus] of the Moskow Patriarchate are prepared to open their mouths.

Strange, though, isn't it? PF is the Successor of S Peter, yet he prefers to be mute. He is the current occupant of the See made, if possible, yet more glorious by S Leo and S Gregory; by Papa Hildebrand (he knew how to deal with Germans!!) and Papa Lambertini and Papa Pecci. But this present ritual-mad pontiff prefers to wallow in his beloved but empty outward gestures ... meeting Orientals ... hugging them ... rather than to join them in robust affirmation of what we and they hold in common as we confront together the Spirit of the Age.

PF feels happiest ... safest ... hiding behind his Aspidistra. God bless it.


Simon Cotton said...

Are you saying that PF has read George Orwell and is a fan of 'Keep the aspidistra flying'?

Jhayes said...

Orwell had the aspidistra flying a year earlier in "A Clergyman's Daughter"

MR TALLBOYS [singing, to the tune of ‘Deutschland, Deutschland ├╝ber alles’]: Keep the aspidistra flying