15 April 2021

A Prayer against the German Schism

Deus, qui diversitatem gentium in confessione tui nominis adunasti: da, ut renatis fonte baptismatis una sit fides mentium, et pietas actionum. Per ... 

O God, who hast united the diversity of nations in the confession of thy Name: grant that they who are born again in the font of Baptism, may be of one mind in faith and in godliness of life; through ...

This is one of the Collects, in all three forms of the Roman Rite, from the Masses of Easter Week, the Paschal Octave, with its Divine Worship (Ordinariate) translation.

The German plan for schism is ruthless and shameless. Here are the stages which have led us to where we now are.

The regulations in the Universal Catholic Church concerning Episcopal Conferences require unanimity on the part of all the bishops before their decisions can be obligatory for each bishop in the Conference (otherwise only papal approval can render those decisions binding). This is because of the ancient and patristic sense that a Bishop is essentially autonomous in his diocese, subject only to the discipline of the Church Universal. That is how matters were left, and most correctly so, by the stewardship of S John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

So, to get round that requirement of unanimity, somebody ultra Rhenum has dreamed up the clever idea of a "German Synodal Way", the decisions of which, it is declared, are to be obligatory for every bishop and diocese, and which is to circumvent the Episcopal Conference.

The dicastery in Rome which interprets legislative texts has made clear that these dispositions are not canonically sound. It is, indeed, both in Canon and in Civil Law, most unusual for a body to constitute itself and to confer upon the self thus constituted a jurisdiction over others seu volentes seu nolentes.

But, we gather, they are going to carry on.

Rather like those Burmese generals .

So there you are.

The ancient ('Gregorian') collect at the head of this post reminds us that all the baptised have one faith, and are united in the one code of morality to which their baptismal covenant commits them. 

There is no doubt that this world-wide unity of Catholicism is precisely what the Germans want to destroy. They don't even bother to pretend otherwise.

In the Anglican Communion, the destruction of unity in the fields of doctrine and of morals was spearheaded by the American provinces and their money. 

Today's plotters intend to use the German Church, lush with tax-payers' money, to achieve precisely the same diabolical end. 

With Germany thus secured as a sure base, the Evil One will then spread his venom throughout the world.

Some of us have spent most of our lives, in another ecclesial body, seeing how this game is played. We know how the trick is worked. We know who is giving the orders.

The Catholic Church has a divine, copper-bottomed guarantee. The gates of Hell, and all that. But what is not in any way guaranteed is the indefectability of Catholicism in any one particular geographical area. After all, quite a lot of the German Church did defect once before ... they're good at it. And you might ask me what happened to the See of Canterbury. Or even that of Hippo?

At the heart of the purpose of the Pope's Petrine Ministry is his duty of securing and preserving the Unity of the Church Militant. Our Anglican Papalist Dom Gregory Dix demonstrated from a close analysis of the letters of S Ignatius of Antioch, written at the beginning of the second century, that the unifying principle of the Bishop in his Diocese is mirrored and replicated in the Church Universal by the unifying ministry of the Roman Church.

As the Papal ministry, under PF, languishes in Suspense, and God's People impatiently await a new pontificate, our all-too-natural human anxieties incline us to wonder if that might be too late. Must the Church Universal suffer yet more so that PF has yet more opportunities to pack with yet more clones the body which will elect his successor?

To cling to the title, powers, dignities ... to the facades, outward rituals, and empty public show of the Papacy while refusing to discharge the essential duties of the job, is extreme Clericalism; it is Baroque Ritualistic Corruption of the very wickedest order. May God have mercy on him. I doubt if the historians will.


Compton Pauncefoot said...

A terrifying post, Father.

Calvin Engime said...

O Jesu, lux vera, quae illuminat omnem hominem venientem in hunc mundum. Fac, oro, per inaestimabilem passionis et mortis tuae virtutem, ut pulsis haeresum et errorum tenebris, veritatis tuae lumen omnes amplectantur, et in optatum ecclesiae tuae gremium confluant. O pastor bone, qui animam tuam pro ovibus tuis posuisti, gregem tuum protege et contra vim insidiasque eorum defende, qui veniunt in vestimentis ovium, intrinsecus autem sunt lupi rapaces. Fac, ut unum omnes pastorem admittant, et unum omnium sit ovile. Mane nobiscum, Domine, quoniam dixisti: Ecce ego vobiscum sum omnibus diebus usque ad consummationem saeculi. Ostende ecclesiam tuam aedificatam esse super petram, et portas inferi non praevalere adversus eam. Amen.
Pater noster etc. Ave Maria etc.
℣. Ne tradas bestiis animas confitentes tibi,
℟. Et animas pauperum tuorum ne obliviscaris in finem.
Oremus. Ecclesiae tuae, quaesumus Domine, preces placatus admitte, ut destructis adversitatibus et erroribus universis, secura tibi serviat libertate. Per Christum Dominum etc.

Victor said...

While I realize that it is probably well-deserved for the German People, it still hurts not just a little to read you talk about "the Germans", " the German Church" and "the German bishops". In your charity, please bear in mind that not a few German bishops are still Orthodox and Catholic - Joseph Ratzinger being just one of them.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father, That last paragraph is as forceful as it is wise. God Bless you for this.

John Vasc said...

Isn't this known in the trade as 'schism'?
I think a similar arrangement was tried in England and Wales in the early 1530s...

Atticus said...

Also gut!”, came the cry from the Rhine,
“We can redefine doctrine allein.
We’ll determine by votin’
What is schön, what verboten,
For the Heilige Zeitgeist’s divine!”

Sendero said...

The German action may not be so much of the German episcopate moving themselves out of influence as much as flexing muscle to show their increased power. The German church is the monetary life line of Rome now, especially as the North American flow of money dries up due to Covid-related losses of the lukewarm. Rome must keep Germany close and will ultimately bow to its demands - as it does now to China's money.

Glendalough said...

"Oh what a tangled web they weave when first they set out to deceive"