28 January 2020

Mr Pompeo and his nasty finger

" ... the past week ... ended with the Trump administration delivering an outrageous one-fingered salute to Britain."

Whinge ... Whinge ...

The Times newspaper's First Leader was commenting on the refusal of the North American regime to extradite one of its citizens who killed a Briton on a British country road, allegedly by dangerous driving.

Whinge! Whinge!

After listing examples of American habitual double standards in such matters, the Leader Writer, who is usually not a million miles from British Establishment thinking, went on to complain about the vast sums owed by American 'diplomats' who refuse to pay their fines for their illegal parking on our streets.

Anti-Americanism is the one factor which currently unites much of the Right, the Left, and the Centre of our politics. But I call it whinging.

Of course it isn't very nice to be humiliated so publicly and shown up to be a despised and impotent colonial appendage of the Yankie Imperium. But if we don't like it we should do something about it.

I suggest that we create a new part of our Security Service, perhaps to be called MI7. Its methods would be inspired by those of our very effective friends in Mossad. Its remit would be to hunt down homicidal American fugitives from British justice; to kidnap and sedate them; then to package them up and ship them back to Blighty in crates labelled "Chlorinated Chicken".


B flat said...

Why is British Justice continuing to try the question of Julian Assange's extradition to the USA?
The Judiciary's actions, which I rarely follow, has fairly recently been displaying more care for tendentious political, or even economic partisanship than for the liberty of the subject, justice, or the rule of Law: in the Alfie Evans case, the case of the schoolboy hacker of the Pentagon's database, or in overturning the decisions of the Governmentand nullifying the Queen's prorogation of Parliament.
Our own institutions are so subverted, that they are evidently a more instant threat to our peaceful lives than the barbarians across the water, whichever direction one is watching.

ccc said...

The £11.50 congestion fee clearly constitutes a tax under international agreements, and as such, our diplomats are immune to this. Piling on a £145 fine for non-payment of a tax that diplomats are not subject to is a non starter.

On the other hand, it is my understanding that Britain owes approximately $2.1 million in parking fines between Washington DC and the New York UN Mission. Those are not exempt, unless of course, Her Majesty's Government considers them an illegal tax on diplomats, which they do.

PDLeck said...

I do not care whether Trump is impeached (fat chance), loses the next presidential election (unlikely) or serves another term, but I think the U.S.A. and the world in general will be a much better place when he's gone. Sadly, diplomatic immunity allows people to get away with crime. Although the US federal government is being heavily criticised at present I am in no doubt HM's diplomats overseas are guilty of crimes for which they have not had to render an account. However, I do think that our government should no longer cooperate with the U.S.A. on extraditing Assange. I feel terribly sorry for the Dunn family and remember them in my prayers daily. They say it brings some form of closure when someone is convicted; although, I cannot see how it does because one's loved one is still no longer with us. If any of my children or my grandchildren were to be killed, pray God forbid, I cannot see how anything would reduce my grief.

Dominic said...

How about trading the Duke of York for Mrs Sacoolas?

Liam Ronan said...

"And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold."
Matthew 24:12

Happy said...

I think priests need to simply shut up about political matters. They need to spend their time very carefully regaining what their perv brothers frittered away. So tired of priests with so much time to comment/gossip/vent on this or that matter about politics.

Kathleen1031 said...

Misdirected anger. I suggest you look around and call out some of your own political "leaders", who have filled your nation with the means to your end. Have none of you noticed? Your nation is in big trouble. We'll get there too, if liberals have their way, but you're way ahead of us in terms of demographic. Still, keep pretending, and keep being angry at Donald Trump, who is THE best thing to happen to America since the American patriots said stuff it to Old Blighty over taxation without representation.

Donald Trump is a singular, amazing individual. If you can't appreciate his business acumen, which has lowered our unemployment rate to unbelievable lows, how about his pro-Israel stance? How about his incredible pro-life support? Has Great Britain gone mad with abortion as well, forgetting the sanctity of every life? Donald Trump hasn't, he defends the vulnerable, something every single priest, bishop, Cardinal and pope ought to be doing day and night, or at the very least appreciating his vigorous defense of unborn babies. There should have been a relentless cry over Charlie Gard and poor Alfie Evans, but Brits are going to whine about President Trump? Please.
Please God may we be blessed with another term with this great man as president. There is no one like him, and the people who hate him, hate him personally, which is very weird in it's own way. I mean, why? And when people in some other nation, not America, hate him, it's doubly odd. America first is fine with many Americans. We've grown tired of helping other nations who obviously have short memories about the help they received, and we've seen what importing hordes of people from troubled regions of the world does to nations.
No thanks, but you go ahead.

Praypraypray said...

Don’t believe everything that you read in the US press or UK press. Most of the main media outlets in the USA are basically a wing of the anti-Christian, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual union Democrat party. They lie and make up things about President Trump all of the time. Also, they put spins on the stories about him or hide the complete stories and distort the facts. President Trump is the most pro-life President and the Democrats and their media teams are furious with him. They have been attacking him 24/7 since he was a candidate trying to become the President of the USA. Pathetically, they’ve looked under every single rock, yet they’ve come up empty. The impeachment garbage is a big joke.
President Trump could be relaxing on a golf course somewhere enjoying the finer things in life without all of the constant barrage of attacks. However, he truly cares about America and Americans, including the most vulnerable and helpless in the womb, so he keeps fighting for pro-life issues, for America, and for Americans. I have a close family member who works in the US government, so I know the truth.
The Democrat death party is mad as hell and has been trying to take President Trump down with every evil trick they can muster. Thanks be to God, he is still going strong. My pro-life friends and I pray for him daily. God bless him and thank God for Trump.
If you want to learn the truth of what truly goes on in American politics, listen to the conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh. Just don’t believe the trash peddled by the leftists, communists, and fascists of the most of the main stream media.
The truth will set you free.

Scribe said...

Dear Father, I should like to assure Kathleen1031 and Praypraypray that Mr Trump has many admirers in the UK. You both list some of his remarkable achievements that the Left/Liberal Establishment in both our nations choose to ignore. To these I would like to add his quite remarkable rapport with the leader of North Korea, and this very week his original suggestion for a solution to the problem of Israel/Palestine. And what about the beginnings of restoration of hope to the people living in the rust belt? Actions not words here from Mr Trump.We have a similar leader in the UK, Mr Johnson, a man hated by the Establishemt, but swept to power by the votes of the majority. Having said that, I think we should all make a solemn pact with 'Happy', and get back to discussing the endlessly fascinating things about our Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Faith, so ably and learnedly moderated by you, dear Father.

Voice from the roof top said...

UK should tell USA if it does not extradite Anne Sacoolas wanted in Harry Dunn case UK will set Julian Assange free.

Voice from the roof top said...

There is judicial tyranny in India, UK, USA and some other countries.

Pulex said...

Dear Kathleen,

Why do think Fr. Hunwicke has attacked president Trump here? Where do you read this? He wrote about "American habitual double standards in such matters". Habitual means lasting decades and characteristic of both Democrat and Republican administrations. Alas, it is a general pattern in international politics when a smaller country has to confront a bigger one.

Fr PJM said...

Here in Canada Mr Trump shines even more brightly, against the background of our buffoonish, and --much worse-- pro abortion, etc., Prime Minister.