19 January 2020

The Chair of Unity Octave

As we soldier on with the Ecumenical aspirations of the last millennium, wonderful news.

An American Wesleyan sect called the United Methodist Church is planning to ... divide!!

They are so riven between Progressives and Conservatives, on the gender and sexuality subjects, that they are arranging a divorce.

Or, as one of their 'bishops' said on our Meejah, they are going to be Differently Together!!

During the last century, we were constantly lectured on the theme that Unity matters more than doctrinal and liturgical differences. So Anglican Catholics were told that things like the necessity of Episcopacy were less important than Christian Unity!!

Now the Progressives have suddenly discovered that the necessity of gender equality is ... more important than Christian Unity!!

The one thing you can be sure of is that the 'liberals' will always be found chained to the wheels of the Zeitgeist.

Does anybody seriously doubt that, back in the 1930s, these 'United Methodist' jokers would, if Germanic, have been dutiful little German Christians, forever hectoring us on how Blood and Race and Land and Leader are more important than Christian Unity?

Heil Wesley!! Sequentia Evangelii secundum Marcionem ... In diebus illis, dixit Satanas discipulis suis ... No wonder these mindless and docile sheep are so enamoured of the Final Solution of the Foetus Problem.

The Enemy's 'liberal  evangelium is constantly updated so that the half-witted will always fall for it. And they do.

Hook, line, and sinker.


Colin Spinks said...

Wesley himself would be appalled. In some ways he was the forerunner of the Oxford Movement, with surprisingly orthodox views on the Sacraments and Mariology and, like his Anglo-Catholic successors, a concern to preach the Gospel to the working classes. He erred hugely in performing irregular "ordinations" causing schism, but I think it unfair to blame him for the heterodox ultra-liberal mess of the modern Methodist Church.

Pelerin said...

'The United Methodist Church is planning to divide' - I know I shouldn't but I could not help smiling at the irony of this statement. And as for 'differently together' the mind boggles.
A good friend of mine has sadly joined another church which is called the 'United church of ....' I had never heard of it and on googling find it was called 'United' as it is composed of three churches which were unable to carry on, on their own. It dates all the way back to the 1920s. Reading that I was reminded of what someone said to me many years ago 'the Catholic Church is the only church which goes all the way back to Christ.'

JonW said...

Glad the United Methodists are giving you such joy, Father. Feeneyism, indeed.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I'm reminded that a Kevin Annett considered partly English crown but partly also Christian Churches and mainly the Vatican culpable for sterilisations of First Nations.

I looked up things. Where Wesleyans ran hospitals, Amerindians were at risk. With Catholic hospitals not. Or so I recall, one can look it up better in the facts from when I wrote about it:

1) Communists and others have smeared Pius XII and Alojzije Stepinac ... ; 2) I do not favour Kevin D. Annett in these things ... ; 3) To Wilfred Fox Napier, reputedly Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church ; 4) Answering itccs, first 34 minutes of evidence, five charges and no Catholic culprit so far ; 5) Watching exhibits 1 - 14 (first video ITCCS, continued) ; 6) Bishop Coudert has offered to pay for hospital ... ; 7) Was Catholic Church main culprit in Canada? ; 8) This is Not a Mortara Case