25 January 2020

Charles John Klyberg ...

... emeritus Bishop of Fulham, and, after his entry into Full Communion, Mgr Klyberg, has recently died. Cuius animae propitietur Deus.

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Matthew said...

This comment appeared the other day on Facebook:
'The death has been announced of John Klyberg, a former Bishop of Fulham. Among memories of him recorded on Facebook these two from Paul Trenchard, commenting on Robin Ward's post: "The excellent Bishop Klyberg who, seeing a procession of characteristically ineffectual-looking and goonlike clergy remarked, 'What a load of Wendies - who on earth could they possibly convert ?'" "And on one particular Sunday when the media were in a fashionable but largely synthetic panic about 'xenophobia' he reassuring announced to the congregation during the sermon, 'I don’t know why people bother being xenophobic - there are plenty of people to hate HERE!'" In those days there were giants in the land.'