31 January 2020


What on earth are we to call it when we lisp to our great grandchildren about this Day of Days?
Taking the long view, I look back to the Anglexits of the sixteenth century; under Henry Tudor in 1533 and Bloody Bess in 1559, which, precursors of today's Brexit, freed England from tyrannical foreigners (not to mention their Detestable Enormities) and led us into Broad Sunlit Uplands.

We Took Back Control!!!! Today, under our great Leader Boris, we are simply completing what the Tudors so magnificently began.

Both Anglexits involved Anne Boleyn alias Bullen ... the first, in 1533, because Tudor rather fancied getting inside her farthingale; the latter, in 1559, because Boleyn's daughter, proclaimed a bastard by her father, had taken possession of the English and Irish thrones.

So let's call it BULLENDAY

You know it makes sense!!


Rubricarius said...

May Christ the Lord curse perfidious Albion into the darkness it so deserves!

Scribe said...

I'm surprised that Rubricarius should think that Christ would curse anyone or anything - apart from that fig tree that caught Him in an off-moment. I'm referring to the Christ depicted in the Gospels - copies of these documents can be obtained quite cheaply. If Rubricarius is an Englishman, then he's a rotter; if he's some kind of foreigner, then I suppose we must forgive him.

Richard said...

In both cases the elites sought to impose their will on the common man. The Tudors got away with it. Thanks be to God,and with His help, Boris and Nigel have restored our liberties. Now we need only a brave bishop or two to restore our religion. Improbable? Maybe, but with God all things are possible.

Patrick Sheridan said...

Scribe, please don't insult friends of mine. Rubricarius and I differ on Brexit too but his position is an intelligent and defensible one and he is certainly not "some kind of foreigner," but a British subject and a patriot, like me.

Fr Martin Fox said...

Happy Independence Day!

shrink said...

As a continental Frenchman,Iapplaude Brexit.But why so late? Now the French sun can shine over Europe without the dark and rainy British clouds!

Tom said...

I wondered to what the "Detestable Enormities" in that petition in the Litany referred until I realized that they are the Portulent Princes of the Church; i.e., the fat cardinals such as H.E. Thomas Wolesy.

PseudonymousposterJohn said...

I think you backed the wrong animal if you were a fan of the late EU.

One of the strongest factors undermining the universal Church on the nearby continent and these islands in its near vicinity has been the contrary pull of the vision of a Europe united by, er, well, what exactly? The desire to see Hitler not happen again? Meaningless. It won’t be like that next time. Indeed, I think we are already living with the start of what takes his place. In their obsession with not being like some of their ancestors our dear German cousins are dashing headlong - and leading others - into the jaws of something they will find they don’t like.
The EU is an essentially malign organization out of which, we are much better, as “Sir” Phil Pullman might instruct me to say. While Adenauer was a foolish man, Monnet and Schuman were out and out knaves, disciples and direct successors of Goebbels.

I was accused by a remainy friend of sounding pessimistic over the weekend. I am pessimistic about all the parts of the west where Mr Trump’s writ doesn’t run (and that includes most of the US). We have huge problems that have been ignored for decades or made actively worse.

This country has not been well governed as craven politicians say whatever they need to avoid being attacked by the others in the public eye and ear. Truth stands very little chance. To be clear, I am not a huge fan of Mr Boris Johnson but his decision to ignore the likes of Channel 4 is a small step in a proper direction.