1 January 2020

Ah ... girls ... don't we just love them ...

There seems to be a rather diverting video clip going round showing our Holy Father giving some girl an experience she will never forget.

(His face looks almost as ferociously angry as Greta Thunberg's when the poor child was allowed to rant at the UN.)

Oh dear ... I just tried to have another peep, and I got a lot of "Access Denied" notifications. How is this interesting result secured?

In my view, if popes (and I'm definitely not just talking about PF) will enourage mawkish and unhealthy personality cults, they do rather deserve what they get.

I have writren about this before, arguing that the malady in its acute form goes back to the Pacelli years.

But things are even worse now, as popes have become too proud to sit in the Sedia Gestatoria.

What do they expect?


Unknown said...

I see that PF has publicly apologised for his 'bad example'.
Looking at both the short clip and a substantial part of the video from which it comes, I see that the Pope is grabbed from behind by this woman and yanked round. This would be very unsettling experience for anyone, I am a couple of years younger but I am walking somewhat clumsily, as PF is, and have slight problems keeping my balance.

Unknown said...

And can I add, in English law what the woman does could be prosecuted as Common Assault.

vetusta ecclesia said...

I would be interested to know what PF said; it has been suggested he called her, or said sotto voice “bruja”

Anonymous said...

Fortunately St Thérèse of Lisieux had a rather gentler experience when she wouldn't let go of a Pope!

Scribe said...

Dear Father,

You have said it all. I, too, recalled the custom of the Pope being carried around in that chair, with the accompanying feathered fans. The whole set-up said very clesrly, noli me tangere. The Pope is now one among many pop figures. Further, these walk-abouts could encourage further assassination attempts. I was horrified to see the Holy Father treated with such crude familiarity; I can recall the days when one would have knelt at his appearance. I am a couple of years older than the Pope, and can feel how shaken he must have been by what amounted to a (demented?) assault. At our age, one lives in great fear of a fall.

PDLeck said...

I am not the current pope's biggest fan. However, when someone grabs you in that way and you are, of course, much more likely to be some kind of target than most of us it must have been a real shock to the Holy Father. It could also have easily caused him to stumble or fall. However, I would have expected someone in his position to react a little differently than he did. I also wonder why it seemed to be effectively left to him and staff and security agents did not intervene. His face as he walked away from the woman suggest he may well have wanted her locked up in the Vatican gaol and then have the key thrown away. I wonder how much his remorse on the following day was genuine or simply found to be expedient.

Lady Jane Perdue said...

Hmm... Just wrapped up 2 wks. of Christmas visits with the last of my 6 children & spouses & 24 gr-children. Tired & achy? Oh, yes. Unexpectedly grabbed/hugged many a time? Oh yes, thanks be to God. Yet, by God's good grace, have so far slapped nary a one.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. Sow celebrity reap Popemania.

She grabbed you, Yeah Yeah, Yeah
She grabbed you ,Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
With a grab like that you know you should be glad
With a grab like that you should not be so sad