11 January 2020

A neat compromise?

So many problems ... I have an idea ...

Let the Earl of Dumbarton, who seems to enjoy being in Canada, be named Viceroy of all North America except those portions which His Most Catholic Majesty might claim; and let this new political entity be termed The Confederacy.


Mark said...

You do realize how many people would be triggered. ;)

Jhayes said...

He would need to arrange a joust with Her Excellency The Right Honourable Julie Payette
CC CMM COM CQ CD DStJ, the current Governor General (Viceroy) of Canada to usurp her role.

She is a former astronaut who spent several weeks in space, so I think she would hold her own in combat.

stephen cooper said...

He should abdicate or convert.

PCS said...


I suspect Fr Hunwicke was thinking of other parts of North America.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. When the mistake of "marrying" a divorced widow was formalised, ABS posted a response in here claiming this arrangement was headed for a rapid crack-up.

No, this is not schadenfreude but, yes, it is bragging of a sort because ABS specialises in error and this rare exception will be shown to The Bride who has a long memory, to the extent that she will occasionally remind ABS of his "stupid idea" of naming their son after U Thant;

Darling, think of it, when he cuts in line at a Dairy Queen and someone yells at him Hey, You... he wil be convinced even strangers know his name.

Jhayes said...

T. Cranmer

I'm sure you are right

Terry said...

Thank you, Father Hunwicke, for pointing out this royal link, previously unknown to me, with the town of my birth, Dumbarton. The title Earl of Dumbarton was actually resurrected a couple of years ago, more than 250 years after the previous incumbent died without an heir; and surely this draws our attention to the anachronistic irrelevance of so many of the epiphenomena surrounded the British monarchy.

And isn’t it interesting that the two recent challenges to our assumptions about how those closely related to the monarch should behave concern the conduct of second sons (sometimes unkindly called ‘spares’), Andrew and Harry?

Terry Loane

John F. Kennedy said...

An excellent idea. I proposed just this solution last Sunday to a Canadian blogger of a Royalist bent.