6 October 2019

Newman in New York! Don't miss him!

My last visit stateside before I concluded that transatlantic travel was too much for my aging frame, was to Fr Cipolla's church in Connecticutt ... during a magical Connecticutt autumn ... the trees such wonderful colours as we drove along that gracious highway with the Art Deco bridges; all superb; all different. I was so lucky to make Fr Cipolla's acquaintance while he was still running that marvellous set-up! And to meet, in the flesh, the great Mgr Barreiros not long before he died. The music was as superb as it always is whenever David Hughes is in charge of it. Thank you, Stuart and Jill Chessman, for enabling my visit, and for your hospitality!

That same team (with the Monsignore participating in Heaven) is collaborating in a Solemn Mass at Corpus Christi Church, 529 W 121st Street, New York, on Wednesday October 9 at 7pm.. Jill has suggested that I give it this little puff, kindly reminding me that a Latin hymn I was commissioned to write for Newman's own church, the Birmingham Oratory, will be performed to a setting by David. First performance in the New World! How could anybody miss it!

That day, of course, is the last Feast of Blessed John Henry Newman before, Deo volente, he is canonised on the following Sunday. Great Days for true Catholics!! Forget the Sin-odd and join Blessed John Henry!

I notice that the final hymn is to be Praise to the Holiest. I am sure it will be the Cardinal's authentic text, and not the anti-Catholic corruption so impertinently intruded in some Protestant quarters. (The heretics replace Newman's own words "a higher gift than grace" with their own "God's highest gift of grace". Modern Protestants don't really believe that the Man from Nazareth is ... God!! Burn the lot of them!!!!)

Those last five words are merely jocular hilarity.


ccc said...


OreamnosAmericanus said...

I found this announcement on the Rorate Caeli website:

IMPORTANT: Change of venue of Newman Mass in New York City

The Solemn Mass to celebrate the canonization of John Henry Newman has been moved to the Church of St. Catherine of Siena in New York City on Wednesday, October 9 at 7 p.m. I hope many of you with accessibility to New York will come to this Traditional Roman Mass. which Cardinal Newman so loved and celebrated every day of his priesthood.

Father Richard Gennaro Cipolla

Joannes said...

Important FYI: the location of the Mass has changed to the Church of St. Catherine of Siena on E 68th St, NYC, still at 7:00pm.

Fr PJM said...

The only way to cross: Respectfully, Father, your "aging frame" would be refreshed if you crossed on the QM2. Perhaps a benefactor will step forward to enable another visit to these parts.

PDLeck said...

What a shame you were only joking. As November 5 rapidly draws near I was looking for a few Protestants for kindling. They really have taken all the fun out of religion.

Unknown said...

I believe this has moved to St. Catherine of Siena, 411 E 68th Street, near 1st. Ave.

Todd said...

Been moved to Catherine of Siena. https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2019/10/important-change-of-venue-of-newman.html

Todd Voss