15 October 2019

Walsingham and the CCC

I heard a rumour ... just a rumour ... that the Catholic Shrine at Walsingham, long known to dyspeptic Anglicans as The Barn, may be reordered or even demolished and replaced (plaudite! plaudite!) by something a tadge more like a Catholic Shrine ... indeed, something more like the Anglican Shrine, with its 16 Rosary Altars and its superb collection of relics (not to mention its Holy House and its Holy Well).

The dynamic 'new' Administrator, Canon Armitage, might give away some hints about his plans when he speaks at the Colloquium being held at Walsingham from November 19-21 by the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy (not too late, Fathers, to book).

The main speaker is to be Dom Mark Kirby (Vivat! Vivat!), the charismatic and eloquent Prior of the (traditional) Benedictine House at Silverstream in the County Meath ... a fantastic man; a fantastic place.

I don't understand why some people are so negative and pessimistic about the state of the Church Militant ...


Sprouting Thomas said...

Is it allowed for laypeople to listen to any of the talks, even if not engaging in the "colloquium" as a whole? If not, may we pin a spy camera to your tie, Father (or at least peak at your notes afterwards)?

Scribe said...

Dear Father, All those Walsingham clergy, Catholic and Anglican, are devoted to Our Lady, and yet there is still talk of yet more new building in the RC enclave. Like the Free City of Danzig between the wars, Walsingham should be declared a non-combat zone for denominations, and become one glorious shrine, centred on Dr Hope Patten's beautiful Anglican creation. All the present goings-on just emphasise the 'Separated Brethren' syndrome that in these days of widespread paganism is wearing pretty thin. Just a thought from a man who has fond memories of Fr Colin Stephenson in the glory days, and Fr Russell Frost, who still ministers there as duties permit.

Banshee said...

Um... What?

What do you think a shrine is like, Scribe?

Shrines always have lots of buildings doing lots of things. A shrine with only one building is a shrine nobody much uses. Walsingham always had more than one, back in the day, so why should it be reduced in buildings now?

Woody said...

Dom Mark is also rumored to be the author of that Catholic best seller, In Sinu Jesu.