14 October 2019


As diligent readers will know, I've been sequestered from from the input of the World ... so I'm ill-placed to comment upon Mysterious Happenings in the Vatican Gardens (there must be a joke somewhere here about leading people Up The Garden Path).

But a kind American friend draws my attention to the comments on the American fsspx.news.

Eccelente. What a superb witness the Society has given to plain sanity over so many years ... decades ...


Tom Broughton said...

Sequestered? By whom? And why? No, I am not that diligent of a reader.

B flat said...

To Tom Broughton: May I suggest that Mt 6:6 provides plausible, credible, and sufficient explanation to calm one's curiosity?
Sequestered is perhaps used in an aggressive legal sense more readily in the New World than in Britain. In spite of its daunting construction, its primary meaning can as easily be reflexive as transitive. I doubt there is the slightest cause for alarm in this case, or hope that father would signal the need for it rather more unambiguously.