31 October 2019

Women Scientists

I expect you know that in the eighteenth century women were not only allowed to study the Natural Sciences in Italian universities (particularly at Bologna), but could and did take degrees and become university teachers? And that this happened with Church - and even papal - sponsorship and encouragement; long before English universities had any public teaching of Sciences or allowed women anywhere near the doors of lecture rooms? Not surprisingly, that erudite pontiff, Papa Lambertini aka Bendict XIV, was the pope involved. His true enlightenment compares favourably with the spurious Enlightenment of  Rousseau, who believed that the education of women should only be directed to the end of training them to massage the male ego.

This looks to me like a detail of history which does not very often get publicity. It subverts the barmy views of Bishop Williamson, who seems to side with Rousseau against Benedict XIV, as well as the predictable assumptions of Catholicophobe journalists and pundits.


Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Father. That Catholic sensibility was imported into Mexico by the Spanish who established universities for men and women and exported Mexican Indians to teach in European Universities. Catholic Mexico had established a successful medical school two hundred and four years before Harvard and a college for Indians had been opened by 1534.

Prior to becoming POTUS, Thomas Jefferson was in France as Ambassador (doing a great job of classifying wine BTW) and had already begun lusting after Mexico, These countries cannot be in better hands. My fear is that they are too feeble to hold them until our population can be sufficiently advanced to gain it from their piece by piece.

Quaint sentiment, huh?

In any event, The Masonic Revolution destroyed that beautiful Catholic Country and yet most Americans can not understand why such an idea of reconquista exists.

PM said...

Speaking of Catholophobes, I am posting a link to the following gem from Damian Thompson in case anyone missed it:


Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

Only clerics should attend university. The rest should go to institutions known in Germany as "Hochschulen" (not high schools in our sense).