31 May 2019

Doggie News

No; it is not April 1.

There is a move to make it illegal to eat dog meat in these Three Kingdoms.

Does much of that go on? You naturally wish to know.

Apparently, it is unknown here.

So why ... er ...

So that we can the more plausibly prosecute our principled campaign to get the practice banned in other, distant, countries. China and Korea are mentioned. Probably also Mars, Juppiter, and Saturn.

Ah; and there is something else you had better get straight.

Have you modified your pronouns yet so as to conform to the urgent Diktats of the 'Trans lobby'?

Well, betta getta move on. Yet more Newspeak is at this very moment being honed and crafted for your pleasure.

It is, apparently, now off-message to talk about Dogs, Cats, or Pets.

They are now "Companion Animals".

John Sparrow, quondam Warden of All Souls College in this University ... that's the college which is so wealthy and civilised that it doesn't take any undergraduates ... once referred to Canis lupus familiaris  as "That indefatigable and unsavoury engine of pollution".

That's why I would not wish to eat Companion Animals anyway ...  Man's oldest and filthiest friends ...



Zephyrinus said...

Thank you, dear Reverend Father, for bringing this most urgent Trans Gender Update News to all and sundry.

Reference "New Speak" and "Politically-Correct Garbage", I was once told by The Headmaster of a certain School NOT to refer to him as "The Headmaster", but "The Children's Manager".

I kid you not.

in Domino.

Michael Leahy said...

The extreme end of the animal rights spectrum, I believe, considers pet ownership to be slavery. Presumably, the same applies to animals deployed as beasts of burden. Goodness knows how we are going to grow the plants necessary for our future vegan diets when all the steers and draught horses have been liberated (tractors, of course, being long gone due to the ban on internal combustion engines).

RichardT said...

At an institution where I sometimes lecture, my dog was banned by the Health & Safety Officer for being a "mobile trip hazard" (apparently the worst sort, as you never know where they might appear to trip somebody up).

Voice from the roof top said...

There should be no ban on dog meat. Let people of China, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam and other countries eat them. If UK bans dog meat there will be demand to ban beef, chicken, mutton, pork, and other meat. Then ban of fish, eggs, dairy products, honey, root vegetables etc. Somebody or the other does not eat something and wants it banned. Life will be impossible.
I don’t like “politically correct” terminology. Instead of a single, mostly one syllable word, multiple multi-syllable words are used.

tucker said...

Hello - I have a relative from the USA who works in Italy, and the neighbors across the street in the small town raise....cats. In cages.
Now, we all know that in Rome and in other cities cats are necessary for the reduction of the rodent population.
But not when they are caged.
These are not for sale.
I had only a brief glimpse (on the way to viewing some caged sheep).

Let us suppose that in decades in the previous century food was scarce to non-existent. One might eat whatever.
and become accustomed.

Delia said...

I now take my dog past the ‘no dog’ signs. If anyone questions me, I say he’s a cat. He identifies as a cat. That’s his truth. Who are they to say he’s a dog?

Mike Walsh, MM said...

My religious community was recently lectured by our attorney to prepare to knuckle-under to the pronoun regime, should some heretofore male employee suddenly return from vacation as a vindictive tranny. I suggested we resist, a suggestion that was not welcome, such is the power of quislings in the Church.

I have eaten dog in China -I have eaten many strange things in China. Ordinarily I am all "when in Rome do like you done in Milledgeville" except when it's dinner time.

Christopher Boegel said...


I am laughing so hard my stomach hurts!

stephen cooper said...

There should be a ban on eating dog meat because we are not a desolate population, distant from the Lord, but we are his people ....
plebs sancta, at a minimum ....

and for those who read the posts at this oasis in the vast desolate internet, and for those people who read the comments: of course you are people who read and reflect on the good news in the Bible, at a slightly more close to the blessings of God level than merely the "plebs sancta" level.

And nobody who reads the words of the Bible every day, and nobody about whom one can say that they have reflected on those words in their heart, would even think of eating dog meat except in the greatest of extremities .

Out of respect for the high level of commentary here, I see no necessity to quote chapter and verse: you all know what I am saying, I trust.

Albrecht von Brandenburg said...

Speaking of animal "rights", three cheers for Spanish bullfighting and game fishing, say I.