27 May 2019


Time was, when I found myself quite often explaining that in the Provinces of Canterbury and York (and probabably, for all I know, in other parts of the Anglican Communion), the Dismissal at the end of Mass had a double Alleluia during Eastertide; but that in the Traditional Roman Rite this usage was confined to the Octave of Easter. To be frank, I must confess that I regarded this as typically Anglican overdoing things. I may even have criticised it for failing to mark the important distinctions between the different parts of Tempus Paschale.

But ... stone the crows!! I recently had occasion to be saying Mass at a Carmelite altar (Holy Sepulchre observance) when my attention was drawn to the provision in the Carmelite Missal that ... the double Alleluias at the Dismissal continue throughout Eastertide!

A perfunctory flip through the two volumes of Jungmann failed to give me any more information on this. Did this usage survive in any of the other monastic breviaries as they stood on the eve of the Council?


Titus said...

The Norbertine usage is apparently never to sing two alleluias, but to use just one instead. Our Norbertine priest has thus been doing one alleluia all the way through.

Marco da Vinha said...

There are places still celebrating the Carmelite rite/use?

Dad29 said...

I write on behalf of Susan from the Parish Council who finds that your gratuitous 'stoning crows' probably reflects an animal-cruelty streak which requires your prompt Reconciliation and then voluntary and immediate resignation from Orders. According to Susan, animal cruelty often precedes even more anti-social behavior, such as turning one's back on the congregation during Mass, and forsaking the table for an altar.

That is all.

Protasius said...

The Norbertines had a double Alleluia during Easter Octave and a single Alleluia during the rest of Eastertide.

Titus said...


Perhaps I was not paying sufficient attention. That is a distinct possibility.

frjustin said...

The 1951 Missale Cisterciense has this dismissal for the Dominica Resurrectionis:
Post "Dominus vobiscum" dicitur "Ite missa est, alleluia, alleluia".
R. "Deo gratias, alleluia, alleluia".
Et sic dicitur usque ad Sabbatum in Albis inclusive.

So the Trappists sang the double alleluia up to and including Easter Saturday only.