17 January 2018

What's the time, Mr Wolf?

You must read Cardinal Mueller's latest piece in First Things. It reminds me of the game Grandmother's Footsteps, in which the players attempt to creep up silently upon the person who is their object, and who is facing away from them. They freeze into immobility every time he swings round. If he detects one of them in motion, that's just Too Bad for the clumsy player concerned. Our Family played it last year in Bosham churchyard on the occasion of our Golden Wedding celebrations as the Quarter Peal rang out above them.

In this article, His Eminence is gradually, deftly, moving up some phrases, some words, some ideas, closer and closer to PF's back. Words like "opportunism". Phrases like "watering down".

It is done with consummately skilful gamesmanship.

I do hope this pontificate lasts long enough to enable us to see if Gerhard Cardinal Mueller is the winner.

I bet he will be.


Banshee said...

Oh, hey, I know that game! In fact, we always called it, "What time is it, Mr. Wolf?", so as to differentiate it from Freeze Tag.

Apparently it's a game in Australia, too.

Karl J said...

May this Pontificate end, tonight. It cannot be soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Dear Father Hunwicke, I do so hope that your interpretation proves to be correct! The revolt of the little ones seems to be gathering pace, though I admit that this may reflect confirmation bias on my part. Bp Emeritus Rene Henry Gracida reposted a blog entry by "The Bones you Have Crushed" (Brighton based I believe) which I thought read rather devastatingly for PF and cronies. I can't imagine how one could function in the Church with such a crushing burden of misbehaviour unless one was blind to supernatural realities, rapidly approaching. Keep up the good work, you are one of several bastions of orthodoxy that help the faithful in the pews keep sane!