4 January 2018

The King of Love

"The Son - Jesus, the King of Love - receiving us from the Father, makes us His own by the outpouring of His Blood. He unites us to Himself as His own Bride upon the marriage bed of the Cross, and so leads us back to the Father, as members joined to their Head, and as the Bride who forms one flesh with Him. The royal prerogatives of the Son become the royal prerogatives of His Bride, the Church, and of every soul united to the King of Love in the mystic nuptial graces of Baptism and Holy Communion.

"United in this way to Christ the King, the Church - the Queen who stands at His right side arrayed in garments finely wrought of gold - addresses the Father with a majestic reverence, with a holy boldness, with words and gestures inspired by the Holy Ghost."

Dom Mark Kirby, Prior of Silverstream, is one of those rare guides who has the gift of making what is immeasurably old sound new and fresh.

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